Marketing channel management : people, products, programs, and markets


    • McCalley, Russell W.
    • Goldberg, Ray


Marketing channel management : people, products, programs, and markets

Russell W. McCalley ; foreword by Ray Goldberg

Praeger, 1996

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This text is designed to give the reader an understanding of market structures, product and market management, advertising, product promotion, pricing strategies, as well as competitive analysis, forecasting, and business planning. It leads the student to an understanding of what comprises the channel structure and the options available to develop it. The text features examples and illustrations to aid in the understanding of unfamiliar concepts. These are drawn from the world of business which gives this book practical and realistic applications. Important pedagogical features include discussion questions following each chapter and an instructor's manual to aid in the presentation of the material in the classroom (see the Instructor's Manual at


Foreword Preface Introduction Physical Elements of The Marketing Channel Structure Marketing Channel Overview Marketing Channel Structure and Physical Distribution Market Characteristics and Channel Management Product and Market Management Actions and Options Organizing to Manage the Marketing Channel Responsibility Effectiveness Without Authority The Marketing Data Base and Forecasting Calculating Market Share and Competitive Share Analysis Managing Products, Managing Markets Marketing Programs and Pricing Strategies The Marketing Planning Process Legal Issues in Channel Management Annotated Bibliography Index

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