The family in clinical psychiatry


The family in clinical psychiatry

Sidney Bloch ... [et al.] ; with the assistance of Henry Brodaty and David Kissane ; [with a foreword by Robin Skynner]

(Oxford medical publications)

Oxford University Press, 1994

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The Family in Clinical Psychiatry breaks new ground by considering the role of family factors in psychiatric illness. This is not another book on family therapy but a comprehensive biopsychosocial account of how family issues are relevant to the assessment and management of every psychiatric illness. This book serves as a scholarly and authoritative guide for the clinician facilitating an integrated approach to psychiatric illness. This is the first book to acknowledge the importance of the family in clinical psychiatry and is the standard reference for all psychiatrists and other allied health professionals and trainees.


  • Part I: Theoretical and research aspects
  • 1. The well-functioning family
  • 2. Models of family function and their measurement
  • Part II: Clinical aspects of the family in psychiatric practice
  • 3. Assessment of the family
  • 4. Grief
  • 5. Affective disorders
  • 6. Schizophrenia
  • 7. Eating disorders
  • 8. Physical illness
  • 9. Alcohol and drug abuse
  • 10. Anxiety disorders
  • 11. Personality disorders
  • 12. Dementia and the family
  • 13. Family violenbce
  • 14. Ethics and the family
  • Index

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