Essays in decision making : a volume in honour of Stanley Zionts


Essays in decision making : a volume in honour of Stanley Zionts

Mark H. Karwan, Jaap Spronk, Jyrki Wallenius (eds.)

Springer, c1997

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"Curriculum vitae and publications of Stanley Zionts": p. [407]-427

Includes bibliographical references



The pioneering study by Bowman [1980) reawakened interest in risk and return relations in the strategic management literature. We do not examine this literature here because we have elsewhere reviewed it in detail 1 and because, for the most part, these studies have been confined to ex post data. Discussions of the strategies which subjects used to direct their ex ante evaluations of risks and returns have either been omitted or else have been only indirectly inferred from ex post data. In addition, with few exceptions, this literature does not attempt to ascertain the meanings that might have been assigned by subjects to terms like "risk" and/or the "returns" with which they have been concerned. Even fewer of these studies have attempted to ascertain how the subjects implemented their definitions en of prospective strategies. Thus, tius literature may route to arriving at evaluations best be regarded as bearing only indirect relations to the present study which is concerned not only with the meanings assigned to terms like "risk" and "return" but also with how these terms are used in arriving at risk and return evaluations of proposed strategies as well as how they are measured and used, on an ex ante basis en route to seeing how these evaluations match with ex post performance. In a sense, one part of this study--i. e.


Content.- Quot homines, tot sententiae.- 1 Multiple Objective Linear Programming and Interactive Methods.- Convergence and Validation of Interactive Methods in MCDM: Simulation Studies.- Convergence of Interactive Procedures of Multiobjective Optimization and Decision Support.- A Hybrid Interactive Technique for the MCDM Problems.- A Comparison of Aspiration-Level Interactive Method (AIM) and Conjoint Analysis in Multipie Criteria Decision Making.- Reference Direction Approach to Multiple Objective Linear Programming: Historical Overview.- Implementing the Tchebycheff Method in a Spreadsheet.- 2 Preferences and Learning.- From Maximization to Optimization: MCDM and the Eight Models of Optimality.- A General Model of Preference Aggregation.- Issues In Supporting Intertemporal Choice.- Cancellation Conditions for Multiattribute Preferences on Finite Sets.- Measurement of Differences in Preferences Expressed by a Simple Additive Rule.- A Foundation of Principles for Expanding Habitual Domains.- Exploration of Multi-objective Problems in Artificial Intelligence.- 3 Applications.- Design Decomposition in Quality Function Deployment.- A Study of Evaluations of Mutual Fund Investment Strategies.- A Multi-Dimensional Framework for Portfolio Management.- MCDM and Sustainable Development: The Case of Water Resources Planning in India.- Role of BATNA and Pareto Optimality in Dyadic Multiple Issue Negotiations.- Multiple Criteria Scheduling on a Single Machine: A Review and a General Approach.- Multiobjective Covering and Routing Problems.- An Evaluation of Our National Policy to Manage Nuclear Waste from Power Plants.- Professor Stanley Zionts.- Fifteen Years of Work with a Guru: A Lifetime or Just the Beginning.- Curriculum Vitae and Publications of Stanley Zionts.

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