Household welfare in Central Asia


Household welfare in Central Asia

edited by Jane Falkingham ... [et al.]

Macmillan Press , St. Martin's Press, 1997

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 237-249) and indexes



The Central Asian republics represent the poorest area of the former Soviet Union and this book contains the first rigorous analysis of household living standards in the region. Part I deals with methodological issues of measuring household welfare in transition, Part II quantifies living standards in various ways, and Part III looks at support given by the state, firms, other households and NGOs - the 'mixed economy' of welfare provision. The book is characterised by analysis of newly available survey data.


  • List of Tables - List of Figures - Acknowledgements - List of Contributors - Household Welfare in Central Asia: An Introduction to the Issues
  • J.Falkingham, J.Klugman, S.Marnie & J.Micklewright - PART 1: METHODOLOGICAL ISSUES - Price Measurement and Mismeasurement in Central Asia
  • V.Koen - Surveying Households in Central Asia: Problems and Progress
  • J.Falkingham & J.Micklewright - How Important is a Poverty Line in the Central Asian Context?
  • P.Lanjouw - PART 2: QUANTIFYING LIVING STANDARDS - A Profile of Poverty in Kyrgyzstan
  • R.Ackland & J.Falkingham - Regional Differences in Living Standards in Uzbekistan
  • A.Coudouel, S.Marnie, J.Micklewright & G.Shcherbakova - Measuring Labour Market Status in Kazakhstan
  • J.Klugman & K.Scott - Nutritional Status in the Kyzyl-Orda Region of Kazakhstan
  • S.Ismail & H.Hill - PART 3: POLICIES AND SUPPORT - Public Transfers and Targeting in Kyrgyzstan
  • J.Falkingham - The Impact of Kindergarten Divestiture on Household Welfare in Central Asia
  • J.Klugman, S.Marnie, J.Micklewright & P.O'Keefe - Transfers and Exchange between Households in Uzbekistan
  • A.Coudouel, A.McAuley & I - The Role of the Voluntary Sector in Supporting Living Standards in Central Asia
  • M.Waite - References - Index

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