The cybrarian's manual


The cybrarian's manual

Pat Ensor, editor

(ALA editions)

American Library Association, 1997-2000

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[1] ISBN 9780838906934


The World Wide Web, CD-ROM local area networks, and such online services as LEXUS-NEXUS have so permeated the field of library science that even the most technophobic librarians log on daily. And the new, wired breed of information specialists who have dubbed themselves "cybrarians" are setting the stage for the next millenium of librarianship. This is a basic handbook for the information professional who operates in cyberspace - that broad location that's everywhere and nowhere. It is filled with a diverse, browsable menu of items, and highlighted with lists, facts and figures. This comprehensive cybersource serves up all the essentials for cybrarians, from the vendor relationships and security to Internet humour. Drawing from authoritative sources and contributors, the handbook covers: public access to the Internet through libraries; cybrarians' tool kit; technology leaders and consultants; netword standards; HTML basics and multimedia; and client/server career paths for cybrarians. With practical explanations on technology and its applications to libraries and networked information systems, library school students and new staff should acquire the basics on how their training in cutting-edge technologies fits into a working library. Seasoned practitioners should find easy-to-understand discussions of what new technologies have in store for their libraries and their careers. Contributors to this volume include: William Britten, Judith Copler, Steve Hardin, Dan Lester, Sonia Orin Lyris, Gillian McCombs, James Powell, Barbara Quint, Louis Rosenfeld, Larry Schankman, Karen Starr, Ann Thornton, Anthony Toyofuku, Edward Valauskas, Thomas Wilson, Andrew Wohrley and Milton Wolf.

2 ISBN 9780838907771


The new version of this manual is a handbook on online services, networking and other issues relating to cyberspace. Readers will find an edition that is almost entirely new, with the most current information noted. And, the scope of the book is broader, discussing some of the social and management issues that have surfaced with the increasing use of technology and Web access in the library. Best of all, readers don't need to be a techno-nerds to understand this book. It is geared to the librarian with an intermediate level of technology competence. Editor Pat Ensor has organized articles from a panel of 35 contributors who clue readers in on topics such as copyright in cyberspace, security, e-journals, metadata, XML, citing electronic sources, and push technology. Also included is a lengthy list of ""Acronyms and Initialisms"" that will help when deciphering many of the cryptic abbreviations found in the new technology environment.

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