Measuring sustainable development : macroeconomics and the environment


Measuring sustainable development : macroeconomics and the environment

Giles Atkinson ... [et al.]

Edward Elgar, c1997

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Bibliography: p. 218-240

Other authors: Richard Dubourg, Kirk Hamilton, Mohan Munasinghe, David Pearce, Carlos Young

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This path-breaking book focuses on the theory and practice of economic development as viewed from the perspective of sustainability, and the implications of sustainability for development policy. It demonstrates how various indicators can be developed and used to determine whether or not an economy is on a sustainable path of development. The book is concerned with measuring sustainability in a macroeconomic context so that decision makers are more aware of the real trends in the economy and the way in which their policies may affect these trends. The discussion on such measurement includes: the physical indicators of sustainability, resource and environmental accounting, savings and the empirical measurement of sustainable development, international trade and unsustainable development, ecological indicators, income distribution and social needs, and the assessment of structural adjustment policies and their implications for sustainable development. The authors conclude that the first step towards sustainable development is for a greater awareness of the effects of development on the environment, and the environment on human well-being. Measuring Sustainable Development will be particularly welcomed by policymakers and practitioners as well as researchers, academics and students of development economics and environmental economics.


Contents: Preface 1. Introduction: The Meaning of Sustainable Development 2. Physical Indicators 3. Resource and Environmental Accounting 4. Empirical Measures of Sustainable Development 5. International Trade and Sustainability 6. Ecological Economics and Indicators 7. Social Indicators 8. Environmental Impacts of Economywide Policies 9. Policies for Sustainable Development 10. Towards New Measures of Progress Index

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