Post-Soviet women : from the Baltic to Central Asia


    • Buckley, Mary (Mary E. A.)


Post-Soviet women : from the Baltic to Central Asia

edited by Mary Buckley

Cambridge University Press, 1997

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This volume takes a systematic look at the position of women in the post-Soviet states of the former USSR. The first focuses on the economy, society and polity of the Russian Federation; the second gives specialists' insights into social, political, economic and military developments in the other republics of the former Soviet Union. The book pays special attention to women's own perceptions of their lives. How do factory workers, street vendors and rural workers view their jobs? How do the women who served in Afghanistan, migrants, politicians, political activists, soldiers' mothers and feminists portray their worlds. What strategies of coping have women devised to deal with no electricity in Armenia, with unwelcome sexual advances from fathers-in-law and with violence from partners in Russia? Why did women in Georgia travel on a peace train? How has war affected lives in the Caucasus and in Central Asia? This book explores strategies of coping and forms of adaptation, noting that women are agents, as well as victims.


  • 1. Victims and agents: gender in post-Soviet states Mary Buckley
  • Part I. Women in the Russian Federation: 2. Do Russian women want to work Sarah Ashwin and Elain Bowers
  • 3. Rural women and the impact of economic change Sue Bridger
  • 4. Women and the culture of entrepreneurship Marta Bruno
  • 5. Images of an ideal woman: perceptions of Russian womanhood through the media, education and women's own eyes Rebecca Kay
  • 6. 'She was asking for it': rape and domestic violence against women Lynne Attwood
  • 7. 'For the sake of the children: gender and migration in the former Soviet Union Hilary Pilkington
  • 8. When the fighting is over: the soldiers' mothers and the Afghan madonnas Kathryn Pinnick
  • 9. Adaptation of the Soviet women's committee: deputies' voices from 'Women of Russia' Mary Buckley
  • 10. Women's groups in Russia Olga Lipovskaya
  • Part II. Women Outside Russia in Newly Independent States: 11. Women in changing societies: Latvia and Lithuania Nijole White
  • 12. Progress on hold: the conservative faces of women in Ukraine Solomea Pavlychko
  • 13. Out of the kitchen into the crossfire: women in independent Armenia Nora Dudwick
  • 14. The women's peace train in Georgia Tamara Dragadze
  • 15. Between tradition and modernity: the dilemma facing contemporary Central Asian women Shirin Akiner.

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