Knowledge based systems : advanced concepts, techniques, & applications


Knowledge based systems : advanced concepts, techniques, & applications

edited by Spyros G. Tzafestas

World Scientific Pub., c1997


Knowldge based systems : advanced concepts, techniques, and applications

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The field of knowledge-based systems (KBS) has expanded enormously during the last years, and many important techniques and tools are currently available. Applications of KBS range from medicine to engineering and aerospace.This book provides a selected set of state-of-the-art contributions that present advanced techniques, tools and applications. These contributions have been prepared by a group of eminent researchers and professionals in the field.The theoretical topics covered include: knowledge acquisition, machine learning, genetic algorithms, knowledge management and processing under uncertainty, conflict detection and resolution, structured knowledge architectures, and natural language-based man-machine communication.The Applications include: Real-time decision support, system fault diagnosis, quality assessment, manufacturing production, robotic assembly, and robotic welding.The reader can save considerable time in searching the scattered literature in the field, and can find here a powerful set of how-to-do issues and results.


  • Part 1 General techniques and tools: recent advances in knowledge acquisition methodology, S.G. Tzafestas
  • machine learning - a survey, A. Cornuejols and M. Moulet
  • knowledge processing under uncertainty, V. Sridhar
  • modelling inference engine behaviour within knowledge management systems, S. Nilsen
  • high performance parallel genetic algorithms for simulation based optimization - theory and practice, B.P. Zeigler and J. Kim
  • KSM - an environment for structured knowledge architectures design, J. Cuena and M. Molina
  • belief revision under uncertainty in a multi-agent environment, A.F. Dragoni
  • an expert system based on the Dempster Shafer theory, S.G. Tzafestas and A. Kotaras
  • parallel production systems on the EM-4 multithreaded distribution-memory multiprocessor, A. Sohn and M. Sato
  • genetic programming and generalization, B. Wah
  • conflict detection and resolution for nonlinear planning, K. Chung. Part 2 Applications: knowledge architectures for real time decision support systems, J. Cuena
  • knowledge-based scheduling systems, J. Browne
  • combining experimental knowledge and model-based reasoning for diagnostic problem solving, L. Portinale et al
  • multiple simultaneous fault diagnosis for complex mechanical systems based on shallow knowledge, S. Tzafestas and P. Dalianis
  • petri net-based approach to synthesis of intelligent control systems for discrete event dynamic systems, S.G. Tzafestas and F. Capkovic
  • building a case-based reasoner for quality assessment from a Bayesian belief network of a manufacturing process, J.E. Vargas
  • application for axiomatic design in intelligent design for assembly environment, S. Billatos
  • knowledge-based systems for robotic welding, G. Bolmsjo
  • knowledge-based systems in manufacturing production management, M. Nicolich and A. Villa
  • some results in inductive learning - version space, explanation based and genetic-algorithm-based approaches, S.G. Tzafestas and Z. Ma
  • analysis for national language communication in interactive man-machine systems based on general automata, E. Koenig.

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