Eleanor of aquitaine and six others


Eleanor of aquitaine and six others

Georges Duby ; translated by Jean Birrell

(Women of the Twelfth century / Georges Duby ; translated by Jean Birrell, v. 1)

University of Chicago Press, 1997

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Dames du XIIème siècle


Dames du XIIème siècle

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This is an examination of the lives of prominent 12th-century French women as well as popular female literary figures of the time. Focusing on medieval notions of women and love, the author studies women's biographies and analyzes how female characters were treated in fable and legend, pointing to the social and political forces at work in these representations. The historical personages include Eleanor of Aquitane, whose several marriages brought her wealth and autonomy; the virtuous Heloise; and the visionary Juette. The book also considers the literary figures of St Marie-Madeleine, a composite figure who personified the essential female traits of frailty, ardent love and evangelicism; Iseult, literary beloved of Tristan; and two other emblematic figures, Doree d'Amour and Phenix - women who became ladies through chivalrous love. The book seeks to offer new insights on courtly love and the representations of women under medieval patriarchy.

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