Symmetries in science IX


    • Ramek, Michael
    • Symposium on Symmetries in Science IX (1996 : Bregenz, Austria)


Symmetries in science IX

edited by Bruno Gruber and Michael Ramek

(The language of science)

Plenum Press, c1997

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"Proceedings of a Symposium on Symmetries in Science IX, held August 6-10, 1996, in Bregenz, Austria"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



  • Classical vs Quantum Groups as Symmetries of Quantized Systems
  • M. Arik, G. Unel. Algebraic Model of an Oblate Top
  • R.Bijker, A. Leviatan. The Mass-Squared Operator and the Einstein-Hilbert Action for Rescaled Lorentz Metrics
  • E. Binz, P. Oellers. Multichannel Dynamic Symmetry
  • J. Cseh. Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials, Subsingular Vectors and Conditionally Invariant
  • q-Deformed Equations
  • V.K. Dobrev. On a Path to Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics
  • H.-D. Doebner, J.-D. Hennig. Quantum Mechanical Problems with q-Deformations and over the p-Adic Number Fields
  • I.H. Duru. A Symmetry Adapted Algebraic Approach to Molecular Spectroscopy
  • A. Frank, et al. Dyson Boson-Fermion Realization of Lie (Super)Algebras
  • D.V. Fursa, et al. Formal Languages for Quasicrystals
  • J.G. Escudero. On Quadratic and Nonquadratic Forms: Applications to R2m -> R2m-n Nonbijective Transformations
  • M. Kibler. Quantization of Systems with Constraints
  • J.R. Klauder. Automorphisms and Discrete Fiber Bundles
  • P. Kramer, et al. Algebraic Approach to Baryon Structure
  • A. Leviatan, R. Bijker. Discrete Reflection Groups and Induced Representations of Poincare Group on the Lattice
  • M. Lorente. 10 Additional Articles. Index.

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