Symmetries in science IX


    • Ramek, Michael
    • Symposium on Symmetries in Science IX (1996 : Bregenz, Austria)


Symmetries in science IX

edited by Bruno Gruber and Michael Ramek

(The language of science)

Plenum Press, c1997

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"Proceedings of a Symposium on Symmetries in Science IX, held August 6-10, 1996, in Bregenz, Austria"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



The symposium drew about 40 participants from 13 countries. The 25 papers recording the meeting include discussions of classical versus quantum groups as symmetries of quantized systems, multichannel dynamic symmetry, a symmetry-adapted algebraic approach to molecular spectroscopy, formal languages


  • Classical vs Quantum Groups as Symmetries of Quantized Systems
  • M. Arik, G. Unel. Algebraic Model of an Oblate Top
  • R.Bijker, A. Leviatan. The Mass-Squared Operator and the Einstein-Hilbert Action for Rescaled Lorentz Metrics
  • E. Binz, P. Oellers. Multichannel Dynamic Symmetry
  • J. Cseh. Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials, Subsingular Vectors and Conditionally Invariant
  • q-Deformed Equations
  • V.K. Dobrev. On a Path to Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics
  • H.-D. Doebner, J.-D. Hennig. Quantum Mechanical Problems with q-Deformations and over the p-Adic Number Fields
  • I.H. Duru. A Symmetry Adapted Algebraic Approach to Molecular Spectroscopy
  • A. Frank, et al. Dyson Boson-Fermion Realization of Lie (Super)Algebras
  • D.V. Fursa, et al. Formal Languages for Quasicrystals
  • J.G. Escudero. On Quadratic and Nonquadratic Forms: Applications to R2m -> R2m-n Nonbijective Transformations
  • M. Kibler. Quantization of Systems with Constraints
  • J.R. Klauder. Automorphisms and Discrete Fiber Bundles
  • P. Kramer, et al. Algebraic Approach to Baryon Structure
  • A. Leviatan, R. Bijker. Discrete Reflection Groups and Induced Representations of Poincare Group on the Lattice
  • M. Lorente. 10 Additional Articles. Index.

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