Social and historical sciences, philosophy and religion


Social and historical sciences, philosophy and religion

edited by Alan Day and Michael Walsh

(Walford's guide to reference material, v. 2)

Library Association Pub., 1998

7th ed

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Includes author/title, subject, and online and database services indexes



This new edition of Volume II (last published in 1994) has been extensively expanded and revised in all areas. Fully updated, the new edition includes major changes and covers a span of topics from archaeology through medieval history to statistics. It includes philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, geography, biology and history. All areas have been completely updated with additional material in economics, business and management. Featured in the Seventh Edition are: additional entries with full bibliographic details, ISBN and, if in print, price where obtainable; reviewers comments and critical annotations; selective and evaluative entries guiding the enquirer to the best source of reference in each subject area, be it journal article, CD-ROM, microform, online database service, bibliography, index, encyclopaedia, dictionary, monograph or directory; subject arrangement based on the Universal Decimal Classification International Medium Edition of 1985 (BS1000M); comprehensive subject and author-title indexes plus an index to electronic sources of information.

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