Nonlinear waves and weak turbulence


Nonlinear waves and weak turbulence

V.E. Zakharov, editor ; [translation edited by A.B. Sossinsky]

(American Mathematical Society translations, ser. 2, v. 182 . Advances in the mathematical sciences : (Formerly Advances in Soviet mathematics) / [editoral committee, V.I. Arnold, S.G. Gindikin, V.P. Maslov] ; 36)

American Mathematical Society, c1998

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This book is a collection of papers on dynamical and statistical theory of nonlinear wave propagation in dispersive conservative media. Emphasis is on waves on the surface of an ideal fluid and on Rossby waves in the atmosphere. Although the book deals mainly with weakly nonlinear waves, it is more than simply a description of standard perturbation techniques. The goal is to show that the theory of weakly interacting waves is naturally related to such areas of mathematics as Diophantine equations, differential geometry of waves, Poincare normal forms, and the inverse scattering method.


Invariants of wave systems and web geometry by A. M. Balk and E. V. Ferapontov Stability of weak-turbulence Kolmogorov spectra by A. M. Balk and V. E. Zakharov Energy transfer in the spectrum of surface gravity waves by resonance five wave-wave interactions by V. A. Kalmykov Wave resonances in systems with discrete spectra by E. Kartashova Hamiltonian formalism for Rossby waves by L. I. Piterbarg Weakly nonlinear waves on the surface of an ideal finite depth fluid by V. E. Zakharov.

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