Ceramic microstructures : control at the atomic level


    • Tomsia, Antoni P.
    • Glaeser, Andreas M.
    • International Materials Symposium on Ceramic Microstructures


Ceramic microstructures : control at the atomic level

edited by Antoni P. Tomsia and Andreas M. Glaeser

Plenum Press, c1998

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"Proceedings of the International Materials Symposium on Ceramic Microstructures '96: Control at the Atomic Level, held June 24-27, 1996, in Berkeley, California"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



This volume, titled Proceedings of the International Materials Symposium on Ce ramic Microstructures: Control at the Atomic Level summarizes the progress that has been achieved during the past decade in understanding and controlling microstructures in ceram ics. A particular emphasis of the symposium, and therefore of this volume, is advances in the characterization, understanding, and control of micro structures at the atomic or near-atomic level. This symposium is the fourth in a series of meetings, held every ten years, devoted to ceramic microstructures. The inaugural meeting took place in 1966, and focussed on the analysis, significance, and production of microstructure; the symposium emphasized the need for, and importance of characterization in achieving a more complete understanding of the physical and chemical characteristics of ceramics. A consensus emerged at that meeting on the critical importance of characterization in achieving a more complete understanding of ceramic properties. That point of view became widely accepted in the ensuing decade. The second meeting took place in 1976 at a time of world-wide energy shortages and thus emphasized energy-related applications of ceramics, and more specifically, microstructure-property relationships of those materials. The third meeting, held in 1986, was devoted to the role that interfaces played both during processing, and in influencing the ultimate properties of single and polyphase ceramics, and ceramic-metal systems.


  • Introduction and Overviews: Structure and Composition of Interfaces in Ceramics and Ceramic Composites
  • M. Ruhle, et al. Microstructures and Interfaces: Near Atomic Scale Nanochemistry and Structure: Ceramic Grain Boundaries and Interfaces
  • R.W. Carpenter, W. Braue. Sintering and Grain Growth: Microdesigned Interfaces: New Opportunities for Studies of Surfaces and Grain Boundaries
  • M. Kitayama, et al. Ceramic-Metal Interfaces: Metal/Oxide Interfaces: Chemistry, Wetting, Adhesion and Oxygen Activity
  • D. Chatain, et al. Special Techniques/Novel Processes: The Impact of Interface Nonstoichiometry on Gas/Solid Kinetics
  • J. Nowotny. Colloidal Processing: Colloidal Stability in Complex Fluids
  • J.A. Lewis. Glasses and Ceramic Coatings: Multicomponent Oxide Coatings via Sol-Gel Process
  • L. Bonhomme-Coury, et al. Nanostructured Materials: Characterization of Alumina/Silicon Carbide Ceramic Nanocomposites
  • B. Derby, M. Sternitzke. Electrical Properties: Microstructure and Properties of SiC/SiC and SiC/III-V Nitride Thin Film Heterostructural Assemblies
  • R.F. Davis, et al. Ceramic Composites: Mechanical Properties: 77 Additional Articles. Index.

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