Oral surgery for the general dentist



Oral surgery for the general dentist

Hermann F. Sailer and Gion F. Pajarola ; translated by Thomas Hassell with Felix Stutz

(Color atlas of dental medicine)

Thieme, 1998


Orale chirurgie


Orale chirurgie

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 350-355) and index



A complete surgical manual, Oral Surgery for the General Dentist focuses on common everyday procedures -- including tooth extraction, root canal, and the treatment of cysts, abscesses and tumors -- that you can perform in your office using local anesthesia. The book leads step-by-step through each operation from start to finish, and draws on hundreds of cases to address the many surgical variations encountered in daily practice. Oral Surgery for the General Dentist features more than 1600 radiographs, schematic drawings, and full-color operative photographs, and provides the visual instruction needed to perform safe and effective office-based surgery. It also includes detailed information on examination methods, complications, and postoperative treatment, updates on laser surgery, and offers a unique rating system that ranks each procedure according to level of difficulty. Comprehensive, up-to-date, and filled with high-quality illustrations, Oral Surgery for the General Dentist is a must for both newcomers to the field and for experienced dentists who wish to sharpen their skills and expand their range of office-based procedures.


1- Introduction Classification of surgical procedures 2- Examining the Patient Medical history Case documentation Examination methods Focal infections 3- Surgical Principles Sterilization and operatory hygiene Individual surgical procedures 4- Medical Principles Blood coagulation Wound healing Postoperative treatment Patients at risk 5- Tooth Extraction Indications Contraindications Extraction techniques Complications Extraction of deciduous teeth 6- Impacted Teeth Introduction Mandibular third molars Mandibular premolars and cuspids Maxillary third molars Maxillary premolars and cuspids Traction for impacted cuspids Tooth transplantation Open vs. partially closed postoperative treatment following removal of mandibular third molars 7- Treatment for Abscess Diagnosis and pathology Abscess incision and drainage 8- Apleoectomy 9- Cysts Definition Classification Development of cysts Odontogenic cysts Nonodontogenic cysts Diagnosis of cysts Surgical procedure Cystectomy (Partsch type I) Cystostomy (Partsch type II) Fenestration Marsupialization Treatment of the cystic cavity Soft tissue cysts 10- Dentogenic Diseases of the Maxillary Sinus Definition Diagnosis and pathology Plastic surgery for closure of oroantral opening 11- Diseases of the Salivary Glands Physiology Diagnosis and pathology Surgical treatment 12- Tumors Definition Diagnosis and pathology Surgical treatment 13- Surgical revision in Soft and Hard Tissues Definition Soft tissue revision/reconstruction Hard tissue revision/reconstruction Bone replacement materials 14- Traumatology Definition Basic principles Medical history Data gathering Wounds and injuries Treatment of soft tissue injuries Treatment of dental injuries Treatment for bone fractures Treatment for radiation injuries 15- Referral letters, Prescriptions, Legal Aspects Referral letters Prescriptions Legal aspects 16- References 17- Index

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