Paleontology, paleoecology, paleogeography


    • International Congress on Carboniferous Stratigraphy and Geology
    • Pfefferkorn, Hermann W.


Paleontology, paleoecology, paleogeography

edited by J. Thomas Dutro, Jr. and Hermann W. Pfefferkorn

(Compte rendu, v. 5)

Southern Illinois University Press, c1985

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At head of title: Neuvième Congrès international de stratigraphie et de géologie du carbonifère, Washington and Champaign-Urbana, May 17-26, 1979

English, French

Includes bibliographies and indexes



The six general topics included here are: Plant Taphonomy and Paleoecology; General Paleobotany; Palynology and Fructifications; General Paleozoology; Paleoecology and Paleogeography; and Bear Gulch Fauna. Among the papers are 11 critical systematic essays on various groups of Chinese Carboniferous fossils.The nearly 60 essays in this volume include: Paleoecology of the Herrin (No. 6) Coal Member (Middle Pennsylvanian) in the Illinois Basin: Reproductive Biology and Distribution of "Lepidodendron "and "Lepidophloios "by William A. DiMichele and Tom L. Phillips; On "Cardiopeterium "Nathorst and "Neuropteris "Brongniart from the (Lower) Mississippian Price Formation, Southwestern Virginia by Patricia G. Gensel; A New Species of "Codonotheca" (Medullosaceae, Pteridospermales) from the Upper Pennsylvanian of Kansas by Benton M. Stidd and G. A. Leisman; Well-Preserved Middle and Late Pennsylvanian Radiolaria from Kansas, USA by Doris E. Nodine-Zeller, Brian K. Holdsworth, and Pieter Berendsen; Stromatolite Biostrome in the Upper Carboniferous of Northeast Kansas by R. S. Sawin, R. R. West, and P. C. Twiss; and A Brief History of Exploration for the Bear Gulch Fauna of Central Montana by William G. Melton, Jr."

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