Handbook of micro/nano tribology


Handbook of micro/nano tribology

edited by Bharat Bhushan

(Mechanics and materials science series)

CRC Press, c1999

2nd ed


Handbook of Micro/nanotribology

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This second edition of Handbook of Micro/Nanotribology addresses the rapid evolution within this field, serving as a reference for the novice and the expert alike. Two parts divide this handbook: Part I covers basic studies, and Part II addresses design, construction, and applications to magnetic storage devices and MEMS. Discussions include: surface physics and methods for physically and chemically characterizing solid surfaces roughness characterization and static contact models using fractal analysis sliding at the interface and friction on an atomic scale scratching and wear as a result of sliding nanofabrication/nanomachining as well as nano/picoindentation lubricants for minimizing friction and wear surface forces and microrheology of thin liquid films measurement of nanomechanical properties of surfaces and thin films atomic-scale simulations of interfacial phenomena micro/nanotribology and micro/nanomechanics of magnetic storage devices This comprehensive book contains 16 chapters contributed by more than 20 international researchers. In each chapter, the presentation starts with macroconcepts and then lead to microconcepts. With more than 500 illustrations and 50 tables, Handbook of Micro/Nanotribology covers the range of relevant topics, including characterization of solid surfaces, measurement techniques and applications, and theoretical modeling of interfaces. What's New in the Second Edition? New chapters on: AFM instrumentation Surface forces and adhesion Design and construction of magnetic storage devices Microdynamical devices and systems Mechanical properties of materials in microstructure Micro/nanotribology and micro/nanomechanics of MEMS devices


Basic Studies Introduction, Bharat Bhushan AFM Instrumentation and Tips, Othmar Marti Surface Physics in Tribology, John Ferrante and Philip B. Abel Characterization and Modeling of Surface Roughness and Contact Mechanics, Arun Majumdar and Bharat Bhushan Forces and Adhesion, Nancy Burnham Friction on an Atomic Scale, Jaime Colchero, Ernst Meyer, and Othmar Marti Microscratching/Wear and Nano/Picoindentation, Bharat Bhushan Lubrication, Bharat Bhushan Surface Forces and Microrheology of Molecularly Thin Liquid Films, Alan Berman and Jacob N. Israelachvili Nanomechanical Properties of Solid Surfaces and Thin Films, Bharat Bhushan Atomic-Scale Simulations of Tribological and Related Phenomena, Judith A. Harrison, Steven J. Stuart, and Donald W. Brenner Applications Design and Construction of Magnetic Storage Devices, Hirofumi Kondo, Hiroshi Takino, Hiroyuki Osaki, and Masatoshi Hayakawa Microdynamical Devices and Systems, Richard S. Muller Micro/Nanotribology and Micro/Nanomechanics of Magnetic Storage Devices, Bharat Bhushan Mechanical Properties of Materials in Microstructure Technology, Fredric Ericson and Jan A. Schweitz Micro/Nanotribology and Micro/Nanomechanics of MEMS, Bharat Bhushan Keywords: Nanoscience, Nanotechnology

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