Algorithms - ESA '99 : 7th Annual European Symposium, Prague, Czech Republic, July 16-18, 1999 : proceedings


Algorithms - ESA '99 : 7th Annual European Symposium, Prague, Czech Republic, July 16-18, 1999 : proceedings

Jaroslav Nešetřil (ed.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 1643)

Springer, c1999

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The 7th Annual European Symposium on Algorithms (ESA '99) is held in Prague, Czech Republic, July 16-18, 1999. This continued the tradition of the meetings which were held in - 1993 Bad Honnef (Germany) - 1994 Utrecht (Netherlands) - 1995 Corfu (Greece) - 1996 Barcelona (Spain) - 1997 Graz (Austria) - 1998 Venice (Italy) (The proceedingsof previousESA meetings were publishedas Springer LNCS v- umes 726, 855, 979, 1136, 1284, 1461.) In the short time of its history ESA (like its sister meeting SODA) has become a popular and respected meeting. The call for papers stated that the "Symposium covers research in the use, design, and analysis of ef?cient algorithms and data structures as it is carried out in c- puter science, discrete applied mathematics and mathematical programming. Papers are solicited describing original results in all areas of algorithmic research, including but not limited to: Approximation Algorithms; Combinatorial Optimization; Compu- tional Biology; Computational Geometry; Databases and Information Retrieval; Graph and Network Algorithms; Machine Learning; Number Theory and Computer Algebra; On-line Algorithms; Pattern Matching and Data Compression; Symbolic Computation.


ESA'99 Program.- Adaptively-Secure Distributed Public-Key Systems.- How Long Does a Bit Live in a Computer?.- Approximation Algorithms for the Traveling Purchaser Problem and Its Variants in Network Design.- The Impact of Knowledge on Broadcasting Time in Radio Networks.- Multipacket Routing on 2-D Meshes and Its Application to Fault-Tolerant Routing.- IP Address LookupMade Fast and Simple.- On-Line Load Balancing in a Hierarchical Server Topology.- Provably Good and Practical Strategies for Non-uniform Data Management in Networks.- Approximation Algorithms for Restoration Capacity Planning.- Efficient Algorithms for Integer Programs with Two Variables per Constraint.- Convex Quadratic Programming Relaxations for Network Scheduling Problems.- Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling:Computing Lower Bounds by Solving Minimum Cut Problems.- Approximation Schemes for Scheduling on Uniformly Related and Identical Parallel Machines.- Off-Line Temporary Tasks Assignment.- Load Balancing Using Bisectors - A Tight Average-Case Analysis.- On the Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms - A Proof That Crossover Really Can Help.- Motif Statistics.- Approximate Protein Folding in the HP Side Chain Model on Extended Cubic Lattices (Extended Abstract).- On Constructing Suffix Arrays in External Memory.- Strategies for Searching with Different Access Costs.- On the Informational Asymmetry between Upper and Lower Bounds for Ultrametric Evolutionary Trees.- Optimal Binary Search with Two Unreliable Tests and Minimum Adaptiveness.- Improving Mergesort for Linked Lists.- Efficient Algorithms for On-Line Symbol Ranking Compression.- On List Update and Work Function Algorithms.- The 3-Server Problem in the Plane.- Quartet Cleaning: Improved Algorithms and Simulations.- Fast and Robust Smallest Enclosing Balls.- Efficient Searching for Multi-dimensional Data Made Simple.- Geometric Searching over the Rationals.- On Computing the Diameter of a Point Set in High Dimensional Euclidean Space.- A Nearly Linear-Time Approximation Scheme for the Euclidean k-median Problem.- Sum Multi-coloring of Graphs.- Efficient Approximation Algorithms for the Achromatic Number.- Augmenting a(k-1)-Vertex-ConnectedMultigraph to an ?-Edge-Connected and k-Vertex-Connected Multigraph.- An Optimisation Algorithm for Maximum Independent Set with Applications in Map Labelling.- A Decomposition Theorem for MaximumWeight Bipartite Matchings with Applications to Evolutionary Trees.- Faster Exact Solutions for Some NP-Hard Problems.- A Polyhedral Algorithm for Packings and Designs.- Threshold Phenomena in Random Lattices and Efficient Reduction Algorithms.- On Finding the Maximum Number of Disjoint Cuts in Seymour Graphs.- Dilworth's Theorem and Its Application for Path Systems of a Cycle-Implementation and Analysis.- On 2-Coverings and 2-Packings of Laminar Families.- Random Cayley Graphs with O(log|G|) Generators Are Expanders.- A Fully Dynamic Algorithm for Recognizing and Representing Proper Interval Graphs.- A Fast General Methodology for Information-Theoretically Optimal Encodings of Graphs.

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