International food safety handbook : science, international regulation, and control


International food safety handbook : science, international regulation, and control

edited by Kees van der Heijden ... [et al.]

(Food science and technology / editors, Steven R. Tannenbaum, Pieter Walstra, 95)

Marcel Dekker, c1999

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Includes bibliographical references and index



"Covers all aspects of food safety--science, regulation, and labeling requirements--integrating major developments in the fields of toxicology, analytical chemistry, microbiology, hygiene, and nutrition."


  • Food safety - a worldwide public issue
  • perceptions of food related risks - facts and fancy
  • microbiological and hygienic aspects of food and drinking water
  • exposure estimation, toxicological requirements, and risk assessment
  • health aspects of nutrition
  • drinking water safety
  • the safety of bottled water
  • safety aspects of soft drinks
  • health effects of coffee, tea, mate, cocoa and their major methylxanthine components
  • dietetic foods
  • alternative foods
  • the role of sports foods in physical performance
  • the safety assessment of food contaminants and pesticide residues
  • the safety assessment of food additives and flavouring substances
  • safety aspects of residues of veterinary drugs and feed additives
  • the safety assessment of food packaging materials
  • food irradiation, heat treatment, and related processing techniques
  • assessment of risk arising from food alterations during transport, storage, and preservation
  • natural toxins I. mycotoxins
  • natural toxins II. phycotoxins
  • natural toxins III. inherent plant toxins
  • novel foods
  • general aspects of microbiological food safety
  • sources of contamination, processes, and health risks
  • assessment of microbiological food safety
  • hygienic requirements and means of prevention of microbial contamination of food
  • food sensitivities/allergic reactions/food intolerances
  • accidents affecting food and food poisonings
  • food composition, caloric value, and micronutrient content - analytical aspects
  • the detection and identification of residues and contaminants in food and biological materials of animal origin. (Part contents).

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