Advances in databases and information systems : Third East European Conference, ADBIS'99, Maribor, Slovenia, September 13-16, 1999 : proceedings


Advances in databases and information systems : Third East European Conference, ADBIS'99, Maribor, Slovenia, September 13-16, 1999 : proceedings

Johann Eder, Ivan Rozman, Tatjana Welzer (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 1691)

Springer, c1999

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The 3rd Eastern European Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS'99) took place on 13-16- September 1999, in Maribor, Slovenia. It was organized in cooperation with ACM SIGMOD, the Moscow chapter of ACM SIGMOD, Slovenian Society Informatika, and the Slovenian Ministry of Technology. The aim of the ADBIS series of conferences is to provide a forum for the exchange of scientific achievements and experiences using innovative methods and approaches between the research communities of Central and Eastern Europe and the rest of the world in the area of databases and information systems. The 1999 conference continues the series of ADBIS events held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Poznan. The ADBIS steering committee has the ambition to make the ADBIS conference the premiere database and information systems conference in Central and Eastern Europe, to increase interaction and collaboration between researchers from East and West, and to provide an internationally recognized forum for the presentation of research and experiences in all aspects of modern database technology and information systems. To achieve these goals an international program committee selected 26 full research papers in a rigorous reviewing process from a total of 94 submissions from 33 different countries. This high number of submissions from so many different areas shows the truly worldwide recognition of and interest in the ADBIS series.


Invited Papers.- Trust for Electronic Commerce Transactions.- A Family of the ODMG Object Models.- Regular Papers.- Consistent Handling of Integrity Constraints and Extensional Assertions for Schema Integration.- Deriving Type Conflicts and Object Cluster Similarities in Database Schemes by an Automatic and Semantic Approach.- A Model for Querying Annotated Documents.- Word-Based Compression Methods and Indexing for Text Retrieval Systems.- Processing of Spatiotemporal Queries in Image Databases.- On the Correctness of Virtual Partition Algorithm in a Nested Transaction Environment.- Computing Rules for Detecting Contradictory Transaction Termination Dependencies.- A New Class Hierarchy Concurrency Control Technique in Object-Oriented Database Systems.- The Gr_Tree: The Use of Active Regions in G-Trees.- S*-Tree: An Improved S+-Tree for Coloured Images.- Workflow Management System Using Mobile Agents.- Pattern-Oriented Hierarchical Clustering.- Data Mining in a Multidimensional Environment.- Arbiter Meta-Learning with Dynamic Selection of Classifiers and its Experimental Investigation.- The Notion of 'Classes of a Path' in ER Schemas.- Evaluation of Data Modeling.- Organizational Modeling for Efficient Specification of Information Security Requirements.- A Closed Approach to Vague Collections in Partly Inaccessible Distributed Databases.- Infinite Relations in Paraconsistent Databases.- Query Rewriting and Search in CROQUE.- Object Query Optimization in the Stack-Based Approach.- Compositional Specification Calculus for Information Systems Development.- The Impact of Using Class Inheritance in a Distributed Information System.- Performance Assessment Framework for Distributed Object Architectures.- Efficient Use of Signatures in Object-Oriented Database Systems.

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