Making the environment count : selected essays of Alan Randall


Making the environment count : selected essays of Alan Randall

Alan Randall

(New horizons in environmental economics)

E. Elgar, c1999

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A selection of 17 book chapters and journal articles previously published 1972-1999

Includes bibliographical references and index



Making the Environment Count brings together, in one accessible volume, an outstanding selection of Alan Randall's essays published over the past 30 years. It explores ideas on making the environment count from a conceptual perspective and addresses a range of topics pertinent to the study of environmental economics including: * the limits of markets in reflecting environmental quality, and the implications of this for policy and institutional design * cost-benefit analysis, with emphasis on its welfare-theoretic foundations, and its ability to reflect the public's demand for environmental quality * conservation, biodiversity and sustainability * developments in methodology * the ethical foundations of public policy * conceptual foundations of empirical methods of valuing the environment By improving access to Alan Randall's many important contributions, this volume makes a significant addition to the literature and will be welcomed by environmental economists.


Contents: Introduction Part I: Market Failure Part II: Benefit Cost Analysis Part III: Sustainability and Biodiversity Part IV: Methodology Index

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