Discourse, beliefs and intentions : semantic defaults and propositional attitude ascription


Discourse, beliefs and intentions : semantic defaults and propositional attitude ascription

K.M. Jaszczolt

(Current research in the semantics/pragmatics interface, v. 2)

Elsevier, 1999

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 341-356) and index



This book is about beliefs, language, communication and cognition. It deals with the fundamental issue of the interpretation of the speaker's utterance expressing a belief and reporting on beliefs of other people in the form of oratio obliqua. The main aim of the book is to present a new account of the problem of interpreting utterances expressing beliefs and belief reports in terms of an approach called Default Semantics.


Chapter headings and selected sub-headings: Preface Introduction Semantic Ambiguities and Semantic Underspecification Ambiguous discourse? Highlights from ambiguity debates What is said Towards delimiting implicatures Semantic Defaults Intentions in communication The primary intention principle and definite descriptions The principle of the parsimony of levels Other applications Defaults in dynamic semantics Intentionality and Propositional Attitudes 'Directedness' of acts of consciousness: the phenomenological tradition Intentional relation and defaults Intentions and intentionality Are intentions in the head? Intentionality and ambiguity: concluding remarks The Default De Re Principle Propositional attitudes: a close-up Whose meaning? On sense and mode of presentation De Re, De Dicto, and De Dicto Proper Red giants and white dwarfs: context-dependence of attitude ascription Default De Re Lexicon and the Power of Referring Redefining referring expressions Proper names and modes of presentation Referring by indexicals Referent accessibility and the strength of referring Vehicles of Thought in Attitude Ascription Thoughts and acts of thought Vehicles of thought Vehicles and attitudes The core of meaning Discourse Representation Theory and Propositional Attitudes Semantics and pragmatics revisited Context Belief expressions and belief reports in DRT DRT and intentions Belief Reports in a Contrastive Perspective Belief, culture, and translation Contrastive semantics and pragmatics Context and markedness Complemetizer that in contrast Denouement: Double Occam's Razor The semantics of common sense Beyond propositional attitudes Final remarks Bibliography Index

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