Fundamentals of database systems


Fundamentals of database systems

Ramez Elmasri, Shamkant B. Navathe

Addison-Wesley, 2000

3rd ed

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Fundamentals of Database Systems combines clear explanations of theory and design, broad coverage of models and real systems, and excellent examples with up-to-date introductions to modern database technologies. Now in its third edition, this book has been revised and updated to reflect the latest trends in technological and application development. This edition focuses on the relational model and includes recent object-oriented developments such as SQL3 and ODMG. Elmasri and Navathe provide coverage of the popular DBMS products, in particular the relational systems Oracle (TM) and Microsoft Access (R). They also address advanced modeling and system enhancements in the areas of active databases, temporal and spatial databases, and multimedia data models. The new edition also surveys the latest application areas of data warehousing, data mining, digital libraries, GIS, and genome databases.


I. BASIC CONCEPTS. Databases and Database Users. Database System Concepts and Architecture. Data Modeling Using the Entity-Relationship Approach. Data Modelling Using the Enhanced Entity-Relationship Approach. Record Storage and Primary File Organizations. Index Structures for Files. II. RELATIONAL MODEL, LANGUAGES, AND SYSTEMS. The Relational Data Model and Relational Algebra. SQL-A Relational Database Language. The Relational Calculus, QUEL, and QBE. Examples of Two Relational DBMMs: Oracle & Microsoft Access. III. OBJECT-ORIENTED AND EXTENDED RELATIONAL DATABASE TECHNOLOGY. Concepts for Object Oriented Databases. Object-Oriented Database Languages, Standards, & Programming. Object-Relational & Extended Relational Databases. IV. DATABASE DESIGN THEORY AND METHODOLOGY. Functional Dependencies and Normalization for Relational Databases. Relational Database Design Algorithms and Further Dependencies. Overview of the Database Design Process. V. SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION TECHNIQUES. The System Catalog. Query Processing and Optimization. Transaction Processing Concepts. Concurrency Control Techniques. Recovery Techniques. Database Security and Authorization. VI. ADVANCED DATABASE CONCEPTS & EMERGING APPLICATIONS. Advanced Data Models. Distributed Databases and Client-Server Architecture. Deductive Databases. Database Technology for Decision Support Applications. Emerging Database Trends and Applications. Appendices. 0805317554T04062001

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