Innovation, organization and economic dynamics : selected essays


Innovation, organization and economic dynamics : selected essays

Giovanni Dosi

Edward Elgar, c2000

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"Works and publications of Giovanni Dosi": p. 689-696

Includes bibliographical references and index



Giovanni Dosi is recognized as one of the world's leading scholars in industrial economics and corporate change. This volume contains a selection of his most important work and provides an excellent overview of the contribution he has made to the economics of innovation and technical change. Key topics include: * technological paradigms and innovation diffusion * economic behaviour and learning * organizational structures and behaviour in a changing environment * corporate finance and innovation * industrial dynamics * evolutionary theories in economics * institutions, technical change and economic growth. The book will be welcomed by scholars and students of innovation, industrial organization, business and institutional and evolutionary economics.


Contents: Innovation, Organization and Economic Dynamics: An Autobiographical Introduction Part I: Opportunities of Innovation, Search Procedures and Diffusion Part II: Economic Behaviours, Organizations and Innovation in Changing Environments Part III: Evolutionary Interpretations of Economic Change Part IV: Learning and Market Selection: Evolutionary Models of Economic Change Part V: Institutions and Economic Dynamics

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