CRC standard probability and statistics tables and formulae


CRC standard probability and statistics tables and formulae

Stephen Kokoska, Daniel Zwillinger

Chapman & Hall/CRC, c2000

Student ed


Standard probability and statistics tables and formulae

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Includes index



Users of statistics in their professional lives and statistics students will welcome this concise, easy-to-use reference for basic statistics and probability. It contains all of the standardized statistical tables and formulas typically needed plus material on basic statistics topics, such as probability theory and distributions, regression, analysis of variance, nonparametric statistics, and statistical quality control. For each type of distribution the authors supply: ? definitions ? tables ? relationships with other distributions, including limiting forms ? statistical parameters, such as variance and generating functions ? a list of common problems involving the distribution Standard Probability and Statistics: Tables and Formulae also includes discussion of common statistical problems and supplies examples that show readers how to use the tables and formulae to get the solutions they need. With this handy reference, the focus can shift from rote learning and memorization to the concepts needed to use statistics efficiently and effectively.


Introduction. Probability Theory. Probability Distributions. Common Statistical Problems. Statistical Theory. Topics in Probability and Statistics. Miscellaneous Mathematical Tables. Appendix: Glossary of Symbols and Terms. Index.

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