China's economic growth : the impact on regions, migration and the environment


China's economic growth : the impact on regions, migration and the environment

edited by Terry Cannon

Macmillan , St. Martin's Press, 2000

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Economic reforms in China began in 1979 and initiated some of the most fundamental changes ever to occur in any country. While allowing some of the most astonishing economic growth the world has seen, they have also induced some of the most profound social and environmental shifts.


  • List of Tables and Figures Preface Notes on Chinese Terms Notes on the Contributors Introduction: The Economic Reforms, Demographic Processes and Environmental Problems: T.Cannon PART I: DEMOGRAPHIC PROCESSES AND THE ECONOMIC REFORMS Pressures of Development on China's Cities and Regions
  • I.G.Cook Patterns of Migration under the Reforms
  • M.Messkoub & D.Davin The Floating Population in China's Cities: A New Ethnic Underclass?
  • C.J.Smith Family Planning and Fertility Among Temporary Migrants
  • C.Hoy PART II: ECONOMIC GROWTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS Wuhan: Policies for Management and Improvement of a Polluted City: J.G.Taylor & X.Qingshu Recent Developments and Prospects for the Sanxia (Three Gorges) Dam
  • R.L.Edmonds World Bank Policies, Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction
  • L.Gan Urban Transport in China: Whither the Bicycle?
  • A.Spencer Is Ecological Agriculture Sustainable in China?
  • R.Saunders PART III: EROSION PROBLEMS AND POLICIES Assessing and Managing the Soil Erosion Problem in Southern China
  • D.Higgitt Soil Erosion and Conservation on Subtropical Arable Soils in Yunnan Province, South-west China
  • M.Fullen, D.J.Mitchell, A.P.Bartin, T.J.Hocking, L.Liguang, W.B.Zhi, Z.Yi & X.Z.Yuan Erosion in Deep Gorges: The Leaping Tiger Gorge on the Upper Yangtze
  • D.Watts & Z.Yue Index

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