Meta-analysis in medicine and health policy


Meta-analysis in medicine and health policy

edited by Dalene K. Stangl, Donald A. Berry

(Biostatistics, 4)

Marcel Dekker, c2000

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This remarkable text raises the analysis of data in health sciences and policy to new heights of refinement and applicability by introducing cutting-edge meta-analysis strategies while reviewing more commonly used techniques. Each chapter builds on sound principles, develops methodologies to solve statistical problems, and presents concrete applications used by experienced medical practitioners and health policymakers. Written by more than 30 celebrated international experts, Meta-Analysis in Medicine and Health Policy employs copious examples and pictorial presentations to teach and reinforce biostatistical techniques more effectively and poses numerous open questions of medical and health policy research.


Meta-Analysis: Past and Present Challenges Dalene K. Stangl and Donald A. Berry Meta-Analysis of Heterogeneously Reported Study Results: A Bayesian Approach Keith R. Abrams, Paul C. Lambert, Bruno Sanso, and Chris Shaw Meta-Analysis versus Large Trials: Resolving the Controversy Scott M. Berry A Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Randomized Mega-Trials for the Choice of Thrombolytic Agents in Acute Myocardial Infarction James Brophy and Lawrence Joseph Combining Studies with Continuous and Dichotomous Responses: A Latent-Variables Approach Francesca Dominici and Giovanni Parmigiani Computer-Modeling and Graphical Strategies for Meta-analysis William DuMouchel and Sharon-Lise Normand Meta-Analysis for 2 x 2 Tables with Multiple Treatment Groups Leon J. Gleser and Ingram Olkin A Bayesian Meta-Analysis of the Relationship between Duration of Estrogen Exposure and Occurrence of Endometrial Cancer Daniel T. Larose Modeling and Implementation Issues in Bayesian Meta-Analysis Donna K. Pauler and Jon Wakefield Meta-Analysis of Population Pharmacokinetic Data Nargis Rahman and Jon Wakefield Meta-Analysis of Individual-patient Survival Data Using Random-Effect Models Daniel J. Sargent, Benny C. Zee, Chantal Milan, Valter Torri, and Guido Francini Adjustment for Publication Bias and Quality Bias in Bayesian Meta-Analysis David D. Smith, Geof H. Givens, and Richard L. Tweedie Meta-Analysis of Clinical Trials: Opportunities and Limitations Richard Simon Research Synthesis for Public Health Policy: Experience of the Institute of Medicine Michael A. Stoto Meta-Analysis in Practice: A Critical Review of Available Software Alexander J. Sutton, Paul C. Lambert, Martin A. G. Hellmich, Keith R. Abrams, and David

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