A companion to environmental philosophy


A companion to environmental philosophy

edited by Dale Jamieson

(Blackwell companions to philosophy)

Blackwell, 2001

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A Companion to Environmental Philosophy is a pioneering work in the burgeoning field of environmental philosophy. This ground-breaking volume contains thirty-six original articles exemplifying the rich diversity of scholarship in this field. The volume begins by exploring environmental philosophy and the cultural traditions from which it springs. After discussing its roots, and then looking at contemporary environmental ethics, environmental philosophy is brought into conversation with other fields and disciplines such as literature, economics, ecology, and law. The last section focuses on the environmental problems that stimulate current debates. This Companion is an indispensable reference book for students and researchers in environmental philosophy. It will be enjoyed by anyone who is interested in environmental affairs.


List of Contributors.Introduction.Part I: Cultural Traditions:1. Indigenous Traditions: Laurie Anne Whitt , Mere Roberts, Waerete Norman, And Vicki Greives(Michigan Technological University).2.Classical China: Karyn Lai (University Of New South Wales).3.Classical India: O. P. Dwivedi (University Of Guelph).4. Jainism And Buddhism: Christopher Key Chapple (Loyola Marymount University).5. The Classical Greek Tradition: Gabriella Carone (University Of Colorado At Boulder).6.Judaism: Eric Katz (New Jersey Institute Of Technology).7. Christianity: Robin Attfield (Cardiff University).8. Islam: S. Nomanul Haq (Rutgers University).9. Early Modern Philosophy: Charles Taliaferro (St. Olaf College).10. Nineteenth- And Twentieth-Century Philosophy: Andrew Brennan (The University Of Western Australia).Part II: Contemporary Environmental Ethics:11. Meta-Ethics: John O'Neill (Lancaster University).12. Normative Ethics: Robert Elliot (University Of The Sunshine Coast).13. Sentientism: Gary Varner (Texas A M University).14. The Land Ethic: J. Baird Callicott (University Of North Texas).15. Deep Ecology: Freya Matthews (La Trobe University).16. Ecofeminism: Victoria Davion (University Of Georgia).Part III: Environmental Philosophy and Its Neigbours:17. Literature: Scott Slovic (University Of Nevada, Reno).18. Aesthetics: John Andrew Fisher (University Of Colorado At Boulder).19. Economics: A. Myrick Freeman III (Bowdoin College).20. History: Ian Simmons (University Of Durham).21. Ecology: Kristin Shrader-Frechette (University Of Notre Dame).22. Politics: Robyn Eckersley (Monash University).23. Law: Sheila Jasanoff (Harvard University).Part IV: Problems in Environmental Philosophy:24. Wilderness: Mark Woods (University Of San Diego).25. Population: Clark Wolf (University Of Georgia).26. Future Generations: Ernest Partridge (University Of California, Riverside).27. Sustainability: Alan Holland (Lancaster University).28. Biodiversity: Holmes Rolston, III (Colorado State University).29. Animals: Peter Singer (rinceton University).30. Environmental Justice: obert Figueroa And Claudia Mills (Colgate University And University Of Colorado At Boulder).31. Technology: Lori Gruen (Stanford University).32. Climate: Henry Shue (Cornell University).33. Land And Water: Paul B. Thompson (Purdue University).34. Consumption: Mark Sagoff (Institute For Philosophy And Publc Policy).35. Colonization: Keekok Lee (University Of Lancaster).36. Environmental Disobedience: Ned Hettinger (College Of Charleston).Index.

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