Objectivity and its other


    • Warwick Organizational Behaviour Staff


Objectivity and its other

edited by Warwick Organizational Behaviour Staff

(Critical perspectives on business and management, . Organizational studies ; v. 2)

Routledge, 2001

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Organizational studies : critical perspectives on business and management

Organizational studies : critical perspectives

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Edited by ten academics at the University of Warwick Business School, this collection represents some of the best work within organization studies: Volume 1: Modes of Management seeks to invert conventional approaches to managing Volume 2: Objectivity and Others focuses upon issues of epistemology Volume 3: Selves and Subjects investigates areas hidden from orthodox organization studies Volume 4: Evil Empires? Looks at the damaging effects of large organizations upon the lives of people. Together, the collection represents around eighty articles, drawn from the social sciences generally as well as from organization studies specifically. There is a thorough index to assist the reader in navigation of the material.


Volume I: Modes of Management Part 1: What is management? Part 2: What is Decision Making? - Rationality, Power and Control Volume II: Objectivity and its Other Part 1: The Voice of Neo-Positivism and its Challengers Part 2: Excursions in Epistemology Part 3: Time and Space in the Modern/Postmodern World Part 4: Anti-Positivist Methods Part 5: Feminist Critiques Volume III: Selves and Subjects Part 1: The Governable Person Part 2: Notions of the Subject Part 3: Surveillance Part 4: Survival Practices Volume IV: Evil Empires Part 1: Organizations, Power and Rationality Part 2: Organization Theory: Servants of Power Part 3: The Power of Technology/ The Technology of Power Part 4: Organizations in Power Part 5: Organizations, Power and Resistance

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