Postmodernism, economics and knowledge


Postmodernism, economics and knowledge

[edited by] Stephen Cullenberg, Jack Amariglio and David F. Ruccio

(Economics as social theory)

Routledge, 2001

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Simultaneously published in the USA and Canada

Includes bibliographical references and index



Only in the past twenty years have debates surrounding modernism and postmodernism begun to have an impact on economics. This new way of thinking rejects claims that science and mathematics provide the only models for the structure of economic knowledge. This ground-breaking volume brings together the essays of top theorists including Arjo Klamer, Deirdre McCloskey, Julie Nelson, Shaun Hargreaves-Heap and Philip Mirowski on a diverse range of topics such as gender, postcolonial theory and rationality as well as postmodernism.


Part 1, 1. Introduction,Part 2: Modernism and Postmodernism 2. Modernism and Postmodernism: A Dialectical Analysis, 3. The Implosion of Modernist Economics, 4. An Intelligent Neoclassical's Guide to Postmodernism, 5. Writing in Thirds, Part 3: Reading Symbols, Changing Subjects and Discerning Bodies in Economic Discourse, 6. From Unity to Dispersion: the Body in Modern Economic Discourse, 7. Categories of Exchange: Ideality, Symbolicity, Reality, 8. Comment: Chacun son Goux? Or Some Skeptical Reflections on Flat Bodies and Heavy Metal, Part 4: Gendered Subjectivities in Neoclassical Economics, 9. Analysing Post-Colonial Female Subjectivities: The Problematic Limits of the Economic Notion of Choice, 10. The Disavowal of the Sexed Body in Neoclassical Economics, 11. Comment Part 5: Feminist/Postmodern Economics, 12. The Trouble with 'Women and Economics': A Postmodern Perspective on Charlotte Perkins Gilman, 13. Feminist Economics: Objective, Activist and Postmodern, 14. Postmodernism and Feminist Economic Thought, 15. Comment: No More Nice Girls?: Feminism, Economics and Postmodern Encounters, Part 6: Postmodernism, Economic Rationality and the Problem of 'Representation', 16. From Myth to Metaphor: A Semiological Analysis of the Cambridge Capital Controversies , 17. Postmodernism, Rationality and Justice, 18. A Disorderly Household: Voicing the Noise, 19. Comment: Postmodern Encounters,Part 7:Is there a (Postmodern) Alternative in Economics? From Markets to Gifts, 20. Decentering the Market Metaphor in International Economics, 21. Refusing the Gift, 22. Greek Gifts, 23. Comment: Gifts and Trade: Mirowskian, Gudemanian and Milbergian Themes

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