Transactional information systems : theory, algorithms, and the practice of concurrency control and recovery


Transactional information systems : theory, algorithms, and the practice of concurrency control and recovery

Gerhard Weikum, Gottfried Vossen

(The Morgan Kaufmann series in data management systems)

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, c2002

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 791-827) and index



Transactional Information Systems is the long-awaited, comprehensive work from leading scientists in the transaction processing field. Weikum and Vossen begin with a broad look at the role of transactional technology in today's economic and scientific endeavors, then delve into critical issues faced by all practitioners, presenting today's most effective techniques for controlling concurrent access by multiple clients, recovering from system failures, and coordinating distributed transactions. The authors emphasize formal models that are easily applied across fields, that promise to remain valid as current technologies evolve, and that lend themselves to generalization and extension in the development of new classes of network-centric, functionally rich applications. This book's purpose and achievement is the presentation of the foundations of transactional systems as well as the practical aspects of the field what will help you meet today's challenges.


PART ONE - BACKGROUND AND MOTIVATION Chapter 1 What Is It All About? Chapter 2 Computational Models PART TWO - CONCURRENCY CONTROL Chapter 3 Concurrency Control: Notions of Correctness for the Page Model Chapter 4 Concurrency Control Algorithms Chapter 5 Multiversion Concurrency Control Chapter 6 Concurrency Control on Objects: Notions of Correctness Chapter 7 Concurrency Control Algorithms on Objects Chapter 8 Concurrency Control on Relational Databases Chapter 9 Concurrency Control on Search Structures Chapter 10 Implementation and Pragmatic Issues PART THREE - RECOVERY Chapter 11 Transaction Recovery Chapter 12 Crash Recovery: Notion of Correctness Chapter 13 Page Model Crash Recovery Algorithms Chapter 14 Object Model Crash Recovery Chapter 15 Special Issues of Recovery Chapter 16 Media Recovery Chapter 17 Application Recovery PART FOUR - COORDINATION OF DISTRIBUTED TRANSACTIONS Chapter 18 Distributed Concurrency Control Chapter 19 Distributed Transaction Recovery PART FIVE - APPLICATIONS AND FUTURE PERSPECTIVES Chapter 20 What Is Next?

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