The notion of equality


The notion of equality

edited by Mane Hajdin

(The international research library of philosophy, 25)

Ashgate, c2001

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Collected essays from English-language journals

Includes bibliographical references and index



In the articles collected in this anthology, contemporary analytic philosophers examine the ways in which the notion of equality functions in moral and political discourse. Among the topics discussed are the relationship between the ideal of equality and formal features of moral discourse, the conflict between the ideal of equality of welfare and the ideal of equality of resources, and the relationship between the equality of opportunity and the equality of results.


  • Equality in General: Richard E. Flathman (1967) Equality and Generalization, A Formal Analysis
  • Felix E. Oppenheim (1970) Egalitarianism as a Descriptive Concept
  • J. Raz (1978) Principles of Equality
  • Derek Browne (1978) Nonegalitarian Justice. Equality of Resources versus Equality of Welfare: Douglas Rae (1981) Two Contradictory Ideas of (Political) Equality
  • Ronald Dworkin (1981) What Is Equality? Part I: Equality of Welfare
  • Ronald Dworkin (1981) What Is Equality? Part II: Equality of Resources
  • Bruce M. Landesman (1983) Egalitarianism
  • Richard J. Arneson (1988) Equality and Equal Opportunity for Welfare. Equality of Opportunity: D.A. Lloyd Thomas (1977) Competitive Equality of Opportunity
  • Peter Westen (1985) The Concept of Equal Opportunity
  • Allen Buchanan (1995) Equal Opportunity and Genetic Intervention
  • Janet Radcliffe Richards (1997) Equality of Opportunity. The Ideal of Equality for its own Sake versus Other Ideals with Similar Implications: R.M. Hare (1978) Justice and Equality
  • Harry Frankfurt (1987) Equality as a Moral Ideal
  • Madison Powers (1996) Forget about Equality. New Distinctions Within Egalitarianism: Dennis McKerlie (1989) Equality and Time
  • Derek Parfit (1997) Equality and Priority
  • Klemens Kappel (1997) Equality, Priority and Time
  • Dennis McKerlie (1996) Equality
  • Larry S. Temkin (1986) Inequality.

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