Community and civil society


Community and civil society

Ferdinand Tönnies ; edited by Jose Harris ; translated by Jose Harris and Margaret Hollis

(Cambridge texts in the history of political thought)

Cambridge University Press, 2001

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Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Ferdinand Toennies' Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft (first published in 1887) is a classic of social and political theory, which explores the clash between small-scale neighbourhood-based 'communities' and large-scale competitive market 'societies'. Toennies considers all aspects of life - political, economic, legal and family; art, religion and culture; the construction of 'selfhood' and 'personhood'; and modes of cognition, language and understanding. Often recognised as one of the founding texts of sociology, Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft is also a highly significant contribution to European political thought and philosophy, with particular relevance to the legacies of Hobbes and Kant. It is at once a response to modernity, a theoretical exercise in social, political and moral science, and an unusual commentary on the inner character of 'democratic socialism'. This new English rendition will introduce Toennies' work to a fresh generation of English-speaking readers with interests in social and political theory and the history of European ideas.


  • General introduction
  • Chronology of Toennies' life and career
  • Community and Civil Society
  • Toennies' Preface to the first edition of 1887
  • 1.1. A general classification of key ideas
  • 1.2. Theory of Gesellschaft
  • 2.1. The forms of human will
  • 2.2. Explanation of the dichotomy
  • 3.1. The sociological basis of natural law
  • 3.2. Definitions and propositions
  • 3.3. The natural element in law
  • Conclusions and future prospects.

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