United Nations sanctions and international law


United Nations sanctions and international law

edited by Vera Gowlland-Debbas ; with the assistance of Mariano Garcia Rubio and Hassiba Hadj-Sahraoui

(The graduate institute of international studies, v. 1)

Kluwer Law International, c2001

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The re-activation of the Security Council at the beginning of the last decade has resulted, since the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in August l990, in increasing use of its powers under Chapter VII of the Charter and the adoption of measures against a number of state and non-state entities. The notion of a threat to the peace has now come to encompass violations of fundamental norms of international such as human rights and humanitarian law, and the wide-ranging measures adopted have included such innovations as the establishment of the UN Compensation Commission or that of the two international criminal tribunals for Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. These measures have not only infringed on the legal rights of the targeted state (sometimes with irreversible effects where they have remained in force over a long period of time) and its population, but also on those of implementing states and of private rights within these states. The debate over economic sanctions on states and their populations makes it imperative to re-evaluate this instrument and the broader peace maintenance function of the Security Council in the light of current community concerns.


  • J.-M. Jacquet. 19. Implementation of Security Council Resolutions taken under Chapter VII in Germany
  • J.A. Frowein. 20. Les effets juridiques des resolutions du Conseil de securite sur les contrats prives
  • G. Burdeau. Special Problems for Implementing States
  • chair E. Suy. 21. Regional Interface between Security Council Decisions and Member States Implementation: The Example of the European Union
  • D. Bethlehem. 22. Enforcing the Economic Embargo at Sea
  • A.H.A. Soons. 23. Consultation under Article 50 of the United Nations Charter -- the Experience of the Middle East
  • B.H. Al-Khasawneh. 24. The Position of States Specially Affected by Sanctions in the Meaning of Article 50 of the United Nations Charter -- The Experience of Eastern Europe
  • W. Czaplinski. 25. Implementation of Sanctions -- The Experience of Africa
  • T. Huaraka. 26. Mise en oeuvre par un Etat non membre des Nations Unies -- le cas de la Suisse
  • M.-C. Krafft. Part IV: The Future of Sanctions
  • chair I. Kittani. 27. The Impact of United Nations Sanctions on Economic Development, Human Rights and Civil Society
  • A. Amir Al-Anbari. 28. Alternatives to Economic Sanctions
  • C. Chinkin. 29. Contrainte legale et violence illegale en droit international: fondements de la distinction
  • M. Chemillier-Gendreau. Part V: Annexes. List of Documents.

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