The Mathematician Sophus Lie : it was the audacity of my thinking



The Mathematician Sophus Lie : it was the audacity of my thinking

Arild Stubhaug ; translated from the Norwegian by Richard H. Daly

Springer, c2002


Det var mine tankers djervhet : Matematikeren Sophus Lie

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Includes bibliographical references and index

Originally published: H. Aschehoug & Co. , 2000



Sophus Lie (1842-1899) is one of Norways greatest scientific talents. His mathematical works have made him famous around the world no less than Niels Henrik Abel. The terms "Lie groups" and "Lie algebra" are part of the standard mathematical vocabulary. In his comprehensive biography the author Arild Stubhaug introduces us to both the person Sophus Lie and his time. We follow him through: childhood at the vicarage in Nordfjordeid; his youthful years in Moss; education in Christiania; travels in Europe; and learn about his contacts with the leading mathematicians of his time.


I The Measure of a Life.- Tracking Him Down: A Torrent of Stories.- II Family Background and Upbringing.- The Family Tree.- The Priestly Family at Nordfjordeid.- Father's Home in Moss.- III School and Education.- Nissen's School. Examen Artium.- Student Life.- The Lack of a Calling.- IV In Tune with the Times.- Into Mathematical History.- There was a Mathematician in Him.- The First Tour Abroad.- Parliamentary Professor.- V Professor in Christiania.- "My Inner Life Has Been Most Mighty".- "My Life's Good Fortune".- Marriage at Last.- Herr Professor mit seiner Gemahlin.- In the Lee of "the Modern Breakthrough".- A Steady Stream of Works.- The Mathematical Milieu at Home and Abroad.- "It is Lonely, Terribly Lonely".- Summoned to Leipzig.- VI Professor in Leipzig.- The Coming Period: A More Difficult Balancing Act.- In the Big City of Leipzig.- Breakdown.- Fame.- Conflicts.- Norwegian Students.- Back to Norway.- VII At the End of the Road.- The Final Years.- Appendices.- Chronology.- Notes and Commentaries.- Sophus Lie's Descendants.- Chronological Bibliography of Sophus Lie's Published Works.- Acknowledgements.- List of Literature.- Index of Names.

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