Shaped by war and trade : international influences on American political development


Shaped by war and trade : international influences on American political development

Ira Katznelson and Martin Shefter, editors

(Princeton studies in American politics : historical, international, and comparative perspectives)(Princeton paperbacks)

Princeton University Press, c2002

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In the twenty-first century, globalization poses major challenges to the key players in U.S. domestic politics--challenges similar to many that Americans have faced from abroad since the nation's founding. But it is only in recent decades that links have been drawn between the study of American political development and international relations; even now, emphasis falls primarily on how domestic politics affects the world arena. This book redresses the imbalance. Ten leading scholars explore how, over the past two centuries, the changing positions of the United States in the world economy and in the international political order have shaped U.S. political institutions and domestic politics. Ira Katznelson, Aristide R. Zolberg, and Robert O. Keohane demonstrate the central role that efforts to contend with foreign military and economic competition played in forming the major institutions of U.S. government from the framing of the Constitution through the Civil War. Martin Shefter, Theda Skocpol (writing with Ziad Munson, Andrew Karch, and Bayliss Camp), Ronald Rogowski, and Judith Goldstein show how the nation's political institutions were transformed by problems of war and trade the U.S. subsequently faced. Aaron L. Friedberg, Bartholomew H. Sparrow, and Peter A. Gourevitch conclude the volume by analyzing how international conflicts during and after the Cold War influenced governmental institutions and domestic politics in the United States over the past fifty years. Shaped by War and Trade sets the agenda for further exploration of a topic whose discussion is long overdue.


Acknowledgments ix Contributors xi PART I: INTRODUCTION 1 One: Rewriting the Epic of America by Ira Katznelson 3 Two: International Engagement and American Democracy: A Comparative Perspective by Aristide R. Zolberg 24 PART II: AMERICA IN THE ANTEBELLUM WORLD 55 Three: International Commitments and American Political Institutions in the Nineteenth Century by Robert O. Keohane 57 Four: Flexible Capacity: The Military and Early American Statebuilding by Ira Katznelson 82 PART III: WAR AND TRADE 111 Five: War, Trade, and U.S. Party Politics by Martin Shefter 113 Six: Patriotic Partnerships: Why Great Wars Nourished American Civic Voluntarism by Theda Skocpol, Ziad Munson, Andrew Karch, and Bayliss Camp 134 Seven: Trade and Representation: How Diminishing Geographic Concentration Augments Protectionist Pressures in the U.S. House of Representatives by Ronald Rogowski 181 Eight: International Forces and Domestic Politics: Trade Policy and Institution Building in the United States by Judith Goldstein 211 PART IV: AMERICA SINCE 1940 237 Nine: American Antistatism and the Founding of the Cold War State by Aaron L. Friedberg 239 Ten: Limited Wars and the Attenuation of the State: Soldiers, Money, and Political Communication in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam by Bartholomew H. Sparrow 267 Eleven: Reinventing the American State: Political Dynamics in the Post-Cold War Era by Peter A. Gourevitch 301 PART V: CONCLUSION 331 Twelve: International Influences on American Political Development by Martin Shefter 333 Index 359

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