Pronouns-grammar and representation



Pronouns-grammar and representation

edited by Horst J. Simon, Heike Wiese

(Linguistik aktuell, v. 52)

J. Benjamins Pub., c2002

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Pronouns, grammar and representation

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



The contributions of this thematic collection center around the typology of pronominal paradigms, the generation of syntactic and semantic representations for constructions containing pronouns, and the neurological underpinnings for linguistic distinctions that are relevant for the production and interpretation of these constructions. They come from different theoretical approaches and methodological backgrounds and take into account data from a wide range of Indoeuropean and non-Indoeuropean languages. Bringing together a cross-section of recent research on the grammar and representation of pronouns, the volume offers a kaleidoscope of studies united by the common topic of pronouns as a domain of language that exemplarily shows the interaction of different components responsible for computational (syntactic and semantic), lexical, and discourse-pragmatic processes.


  • 1. List of contributors
  • 2. Preface
  • 3. Glossary
  • 4. Grammatical properties of pronouns and their representation: An exposition (by Wiese, Heike)
  • 5. Structuring the bundle: A universal morphosyntactic feature geometry (by Harley, Heidi)
  • 6. 'We' rules: The impact of an inclusive/exclusive opposition on the paradigmatic structure of person marking (by Cysouw, Michael)
  • 7. Reference devices in Sinhala (by Premawardhena, Neelakshi Chandrasena)
  • 8. Indefinite pronouns: Morphology and syntax in cross-linguistic perspective (by Weiss, Helmut)
  • 9. Reference and representation of pronouns (by Heusinger, Klaus von)
  • 10. The dynamics of syntax: Anaphora, relative pronouns and crossover (by Kempson, Ruth M.)
  • 11. The third person pronoun in tripartite verbless clauses of Qumran Hebrew (by Naude, Jacobus A.)
  • 12. Pronominal nouns (by Panagiotidis, E. Phoevos)
  • 13. Harmonic alignment and the hierarchy of pronouns in German (by Muller, Gereon)
  • 14. Cortical reflections of two pronominal relations (by Pinango, Maria Mercedes)
  • 15. Pronoun omission in Dutch and German agrammatic speech (by Roo, Esterella de)
  • 16. Language index
  • 17. Subject index

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