Risk management, speculation, and derivative securities


Risk management, speculation, and derivative securities

Geoffrey Poitras

Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier Science, c2002

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 549-581) and index



Its unified treatment of derivative security applications to both risk management and speculative trading separates this book from others. Presenting an integrated explanation of speculative trading and risk management from the practitioner's point of view, Risk Management, Speculation, and Derivative Securities is the only standard text on financial risk management that departs from the perspective of an agent whose main concerns are pricing and hedging derivatives. After offering a general framework for risk management and speculation using derivative securities, it explores specific applications to forward contracts and options. Not intended as a comprehensive introduction to derivative securities, Risk Management, Speculation, and Derivative Securities is the innovative, useful approach that addresses new developments in derivatives and risk management.


Part I: Derivative Securities, Risk Management, and Speculation Derivative Securities Risk Management Concepts Speculative Trading Concepts Part II: Futures and Forward Contracts Arbitrage and the Basis The Mechanics of Spread Trading Risk Management: Hedging and Diversification Part III: Options Contracts Option Basics Option Valuation Application and Extension of Option Valuation Techniques Appendix I: Basic Mathematics and Statistical Concepts Appendix II: Money Market and Fixed Income Calculations Appendix III: Mathematics for Option Valuation References Index

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