Control and modeling of complex systems : cybernetics in the 21st century : festschrift in honor of Hidenori Kimura on the occasion of his 60th birthday


Control and modeling of complex systems : cybernetics in the 21st century : festschrift in honor of Hidenori Kimura on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Koichi Hashimoto, Yasuaki Oishi, Yutaka Yamamoto, editors

(Trends in mathematics)

Birkhäuser, c2003

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"the symposium was entitled "Cybernetics in the 21st century: Information and Complexity in Control Theory,""--pref.



Hidenori Kimura, renowned system and control theorist, turned 60 years of age in November, 2001. To celebrate this memorable occasion, his friends, collaborators, and former students gathered from all over the world and held a symposium in his honor on November 1 and 2, 2001, at the Sanjo Conference Hall at the University of Tokyo. Reflecting his current research interests, the symposium was entitled "Cybernetics in the 21st Century: Information and Complexity in Control Theory," and it drew nearly 150 attendees. There were twenty-five lectures, on which the present volume is based. Hidenori Kimura was born on November 3, 1941, in Tokyo, just prior to the outbreak of the Second World War. It is not hard to imagine, then, that his early days, like those of so many of his contemporaries, must have been difficult. Fortunately, the war ended in 1945, and his generation found itself thoroughly occupied with the rebuilding effort and with Japan's uphill journey in the last half-century. He entered the University of Tokyo in 1963, received a B. S. in 1965, an M. S. in 1967, and, in 1970, a Ph. D. degree for his dissertation "A Study of Differential Games. " After obtaining his doctorate, he joined the Department of Control En- gineering at Osaka University as a research associate, and in 1973 he was promoted to an associate professor.


Preface Awards and Honors of Hidenori Kimura Technical Publications of Hidenori Kimura Part I: Signal Processing A Convex Optimization Approach to Generalized Moment Problems / C.I. Byrnes and A. Lindquist Toeplitz Covariance Matrices and the von Neumann Relative Entropy / T.T. Georgiou Digital Filter Design via Sampled-Data Control Theory / Y. Yamamoto and M. Nagahara Time-Domain FIR Filters for Stochastic and Deterministic Systems / W.H. Kwon and S.H. Han Part II: Identification Learning H-infinity Model Sets from Data: The Set Membership Approach / M. Milanese and M. Taragna System Identification: A Learning Theory Approach / M. Vidyasagar and R.L. Karandikar Distribution-Free Approach to Probabilistic Model-Set Identification / Y. Oishi Part III: Robust Control Analysis of Weight Change in H-infinity Control Design / B.D.O. Anderson and X. Bombois Performance Limits under Control Effort Constraints / J. Chen and S. Hara Complexity of Systems and Controllers / K. Tsumura Off-Line Reference Shaping for Systems with State and Control Constraints / T. Sugie Finite Frequency Characterization of Easily Controllable Plant toward Structure/Control Design Integration / S. Hara and T. Iwasaki Part IV: Hybrid, Chaotic, and Nonlinear Systems On Stabilization of Switched Linear Systems \ L. Guo Well-Posedness of a Class of Piecewise Affine Systems \ J. Imura Robust Stabilization of Chaos via Delayed Feedback Control \ S. Yamamoto and T. Ushio Time Varying Deadbeat Control of High Order Chained Systems with Applications to the Control of Underactuated Manipulators \ T. Mita and T.K. Nam Control of Nonholonomic Systems with Bad Controllability Structure \ M. Sampei, H. Date, and S. Nakaura Part V: Control Applications Computer Control of Vehicles: Overcoming Limitations ofHuman Drivers / M. Tomizuka Modeling, Control and Experiment of a Feedback Active Noise Control System for Free Sound Fields / S. Adachi Visuomotor Architecture for High-Speed Robot Control / K. Hashimoto, A. Namiki, and M. Ishikawa

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