Fundamentals of human neuropsychology


Fundamentals of human neuropsychology

Bryan Kolb, Ian Q. Whishaw

(A series of books in psychology)

Worth Publishers, c2003

5th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Written by researchers in neuropsychology, "Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology" (fifth edition) guides students on a comprehensive journey of discovery through the realm of contemporary human neuropsychology. Based on their extensive teaching experience, Kolb and Whishaw have taken steps to make this esoteric, complex, and often intimidating subject matter interesting, understandable, and applicable to students taking neuropsychology.


PART 1 History: The Development of Neuropsychology Origins of the Human Brain and Behavior Organization of the Nervous System The Structure and Electrical Activity of Neurons Communication between Neurons The Influence of Drugs on Behavior Imaging the Brain's Activity PART II Organization of the Sensory System Organization of the Motor System Principles of Neocortical Function Cerebral Asymmetry Variations in Cerebral Asymmetry PART III The Occipital Lobes The Parietal Lobes The Temporal Lobes The Frontal Lobes Disconnection Syndromes PART IV Memory The Origins of Language Emotion Spatial Behavior Attention, Mental Images, and Consciousness PART V Brain Development and Plasticity Developmental Disorders Plasticity, Recovery, and Rehabilitation of the Adult Brain Neurological Disorders Psychiatric and Related Disorders Neuropsychological Assessment

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