Image and video retrieval : second International Conference, CIVR 2003, Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA, July 24-25, 2003 : proceedings



Image and video retrieval : second International Conference, CIVR 2003, Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA, July 24-25, 2003 : proceedings

Erwin M. Bakker ... [et al.] (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 2728)

Springer, c2003

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The refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval, CIVR 2003, held in Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA in July 2003. The 46 revised full papers presented together with an introduction and 2 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 110 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on image retrieval, indexing strategies and structures, feature based retrieval, semantic and learning, video retrieval, user studies, applications, video summarization and analysis, and performance.


The State of the Art in Image and Video Retrieval.- The State of the Art in Image and Video Retrieval.- Invited Presentations.- Multimedia Content Analysis: The Next Wave.- TRECVID: Benchmarking the Effectiveness of Information Retrieval Tasks on Digital Video.- Image Retrieval (Oral).- Shape Feature Matching for Trademark Image Retrieval.- Central Object Extraction for Object-Based Image Retrieval.- Learning Optimal Representations for Image Retrieval Applications.- A Closer Look at Boosted Image Retrieval.- HPAT Indexing for Fast Object/Scene Recognition Based on Local Appearance.- Indexing Strategies & Structures (Poster).- Hierarchical Clustering-Merging for Multidimensional Index Structures.- Integrated Image Content and Metadata Search and Retrieval across Multiple Databases.- Multilevel Relevance Judgment, Loss Function, and Performance Measure in Image Retrieval.- Majority Based Ranking Approach in Web Image Retrieval.- Feature Based Retrieval (Poster).- Improving Fractal Codes Based Image Retrieval Using Histogram of Collage Errors.- Content-Based Retrieval of Historical Watermark Images: II - Electron Radiographs.- Selection of the Best Representative Feature and Membership Assignment for Content-Based Fuzzy Image Database.- A Compact Shape Descriptor Based on the Beam Angle Statistics.- Efficient Similar Trajectory-Based Retrieval for Moving Objects in Video Databases.- Semantics/Learning I (Poster).- Associating Cooking Video Segments with Preparation Steps.- Evaluation of Expression Recognition Techniques.- A Hybrid Framework for Detecting the Semantics of Concepts and Context.- Learning in Region-Based Image Retrieval.- Video Retrieval I (Oral).- Multiple Features in Temporal Models for the Representation of Visual Contents in Video.- Detection of Documentary Scene Changes by Audio-Visual Fusion.- Multimedia Search with Pseudo-relevance Feedback.- Modal Keywords, Ontologies, and Reasoning for Video Understanding.- Detecting Semantic Concepts from Video Using Temporal Gradients and Audio Classification.- User Studies (Oral).- Text or Pictures? An Eyetracking Study of How People View Digital Video Surrogates.- A State Transition Analysis of Image Search Patterns on the Web.- Towards a Comprehensive Survey of the Semantic Gap in Visual Image Retrieval.- Applications (Oral).- Audio-Based Event Detection for Sports Video.- Spectral Structuring of Home Videos.- Home Photo Retrieval: Time Matters.- Automatic Annotation of Tennis Action for Content-Based Retrieval by Integrated Audio and Visual Information.- Indexing of Personal Video Captured by a Wearable Imaging System.- Semantics/Learning II (Poster).- Constructive Learning Algorithm-Based RBF Network for Relevance Feedback in Image Retrieval.- Spatial-Temporal Semantic Grouping of Instructional Video Content.- A Novel Scheme for Video Similarity Detection.- Concept-Based Retrieval of Art Documents.- Video Retrieval II (Poster).- Video Retrieval of Human Interactions Using Model-Based Motion Tracking and Multi-layer Finite State Automata.- Fast Video Retrieval under Sparse Training Data.- Robust Content-Based Video Copy Identification in a Large Reference Database.- Video Summarization & Analysis (Poster).- ANSES: Summarisation of News Video.- Spatio-Temporal Decomposition of Sport Events for Video Indexing.- Audio-Assisted Scene Segmentation for Story Browsing.- Performance (Poster).- Performance Comparison of Different Similarity Models for CBIR with Relevance Feedback.- EBS k-d Tree: An Entropy Balanced Statistical k-d Tree for Image Databases with Ground-Truth Labels.- Fast Search in Large-Scale Image Database Using Vector Quantization.- Speaker Localisation Using Audio-Visual Synchrony: An Empirical Study.- An Efficiency Comparison of Two Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems, GIFT and PicSOM.

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