Handbook of social psychology


Handbook of social psychology

edited by John Delamater

(Handbooks of sociology and social research)

Kluwer Academic/Plenum, c2003

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Includes bibliographies and index



Psychology, focusing on processes that occur inside the individual and Sociology, focusing on social collectives and social institutions, come together in Social Psychology to explore the interface between the two fields. The core concerns of social psychology include the impact of one individual on another; the impact of a group on its individual members; the impact of individuals on the groups in which they participate; the impact of one group on another. This book is a successor to Social Psychology: Social Perspectives and Sociological Perspectives in Social Psychology. The current text expands on previous handbooks in social psychology by including recent developments in theory and research and comprehensive coverage of significant theoretical perspectives.


  • I: Theoretical Perspectives. 1. The Symbolic Interactionist Frame
  • S. Stryker, K.D. Vryan. 2. Expectation States Theory
  • S.J. Correll, C.L. Ridgeway. 3. Social Exchange Theory
  • K. Cook, E. Rice. 4. Social Structure and Personality
  • J.D. McLeod, K.J. Lively. 5. Evolutionary Social Psychology: Adaptive Predispositions and Human Culture
  • D. Kenrick, J. Ackerman, S. Ledlow. II: Development and Socialization. 6. Development and Socialization in Childhood
  • W.A. Corsaro, L. Fingerson. 7. Socialization in Adolescence
  • D. Eder, S. Kawecka Nenga. 8. Development and Socialization Through the Adult Life Course
  • K. Lutfey, J.T. Mortimer. III: Intrapersonal Processes. 9. Self and Identity
  • T.J. Owens. 10. Language and Social Interaction
  • D. Maynard, A. Perakyla. 11. Social Cognition
  • J.A. Howard, D.G. Renfrow. 12. Ideologies, Values, Attitudes, and Behavior
  • G.R. Maio, J.M. Olson, M.M. Bernard, M.A. Luke. 13. Emotions and Sentiments
  • J.E. Stets. IV: Interpersonal Processes. 14. Attraction and Interpersonal Relationships
  • T.L. Orbuch, S. Sprecher. 15. Interaction in Small Groups
  • P.J. Burke. 16. Interaction in Social Networks
  • D.H. Felmlee. 17. Social Structure and Psychological Functioning: Distress, Perceived Control and Trust
  • C.E. Ross, J. Mirowsky. V: The Individual in Sociocultural Context. 18. Social Psychological Perspectives on Deviance
  • H.B. Kaplan. 19. Intergroup Relations
  • M.A. Hogg. 20. Social Psychological Perspectives on Crowds and Social Movements
  • D.A. Rohlinger, D.A. Snow. 21. Cross-Cultural Social Psychology
  • K. Miller-Loessi, J.N. Parker.

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