Color atlas of immunology


    • Burmester, Gerd-Rüdiger
    • Pezzutto, Antonio
    • Ulrichs, Timo
    • Aicher, Alexandra
    • Wirth, Jürgen


Color atlas of immunology

Gerd-Rüdiger Burmester, Antonio Pezzutto ; with contributions by Timo Ulrichs and Alexandra Aicher ; 131 color plates by Jürgen Wirth

(Thieme flexibook, Basic sciences)

Thieme, c2003

  • : GTV


Taschenatlas der Immunologie : Grundlagen, Labor Klinik

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 11



Includes bibliographical references (p. 306) and index



Well-illustrated and convenient A pocket atlas flexibook on this dynamic and wide-ranging field, indispensable for students of medicine and biology alike. Complex processes are well-illustrated in clear images that are not burdened with unnecessary details. Following an introductory part and a section on laboratory methods in immunology, the bulk of the book concentrates on the manifestations of immunological diseases in the human body, providing comprehensive capsule descriptions of all common immune diseases.


Fundamental Principles The Immune System Origin of Cells of the Immune System Organs of the Lymphatic System T-Lymphocyte Development and Differentiation B-Lymphocyte Development and Differentiation Cell-Cell Interactions Nonspecific Defense Cells Monocytes and Dendritic Cells HLA System (MHC System) The Complement System Innate Immunity Leukocyte Migration Pathological Immune Mechanisms and Tolerance Apoptosis Laboratory Application Antigen-Antibody Interactions Cellular Immunity Humoral Immunity Molecular Biological Methods Clinical Immunology Immunodeficiencies Hemolytic Diseases and Cytopenias Hematological Diseases Tumor Immunology Transplantation of Autologous Bone Marrow/Hematopoietic Stem Cells Muskuloskeletal Diseases Autoantibodies Connective Tissue Disease and Vasculitis Skin Diseases Gastrointestinal Diseases Respiratory Diseases Renal Diseases Metabolic Diseases Heart Disease Neurologic Diseases Ophthalmic Diseases Reproduction Immunology Vaccinations Immune Pharmacology Appendix

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