The economics and politics of socialism : collected essays


The economics and politics of socialism : collected essays

Włodzimierz Brus

(Routledge library editions, . Economics . Economic systems/comparative economics ; 2)

Routledge, 2003

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Includes index

Originally published: London : Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1973



The volume focuses on the socio-political aspects of economic transformations in the Eastern European Socialist countries. Particular emphasis is laid on the problem of interrelations between the plan and the market and between economic incentives and social consumption. The volume also examines economic and political factors in the wider political context, particularly looking at the question of democratization within industry and politics.


Foreword by Maurice Dobb 1. Some general problems of decentralization in a socialist planned economy 2. Economic incentives, technical progress and the evolution of the socialist economic system 3. Economic reforms and their socio-political aspect 4. Commodity fetishism and socialism 5. Economic calculus and political decisions 6. Political economy and the relationship between economy and politics under socialism 7. Contradictions and ways to resolve them

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