Social judgments : implicit and explicit processes


Social judgments : implicit and explicit processes

edited by Joseph P. Forgas, Kipling D. Williams, William von Hippel

(The Sydney Symposium of Social Psychology series, v. 5)

Cambridge University Press, 2003

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A collection of 19 papers presented at the Symposium held annually at the University of New South Wales in Sydney

Includes bibliographical references and indexes



The objective of this book, which was originally published in 2003, is to provide an informative, scholarly yet readable overview of advances on judgmental research, and to offer a closer integration between implicit, subconscious, and explicit conscious judgmental mechanisms. The chapters draw on key research on social cognition, evolutionary psychology, neuropsychology, and personality dynamics to achieve this objective. The contributions offer important insights into the way everyday judgmental processes operate and are organized into three sections, dealing with fundamental influences on judgmental processes, the role of cognitive and intra-psychic mechanisms in social judgments and the role of social and interpersonal variables in judgments. The book is written in a readable yet scholarly style, and researchers, practitioners, and students both at the undergraduate and at the graduate level should find it an engaging overview of the field.


  • 1. Responding to the social world: explicit and implicit processes in social judgments Joseph P. Forgas
  • 2. Biases in social judgment: design flaws or design features? Martie G. Haselton and David M. Buss
  • 3. Reflexive and reflective judgment processes: a social cognitive neuroscience approach Matthew Lieberman
  • 4. Decomposing the person perception process: cerebral hemispheric asymmetries in social perception Michael A. Zarate and Colby J. Stoever
  • 5. The psychodynamics of social judgments: an attachment theory perspective Phillip R. Shaver and Mario Mikulincer
  • 6. Towards a social psychology of person judgments: implications for person perception accuracy and self-knowledge David C. Funder
  • 7. A parametric unimodel: of human judgment: integrating dual-process frameworks in cognition from a single-mode perspective Arie W. Kruglanski, Wo Young Chun, Hans Peter Erb, Antonio Peirro, Lucia Mannetti and Scott Spiegel
  • 8. Social judgments based on pseudo-contingencies: a forgotten phenomenon Klaus Fiedler and Peter Freytag
  • 9. The size of context effects in social judgment Herbert Bless, Norbert Schwarz and Michaela Wanke
  • 10. Affective influences on social judgments and decisions: implicit and explicit processes Joseph P. Forgas and Rebekah East
  • 11. Hot cognition and social judgments: when and why do descriptions influence our feelings? Diederik A. Stapel
  • 12. Attitudinal process vs. content: the role of information processing biases in social judgment and behavior William von Hippel, Patrick Vargas and Denise Sekaquaptewa
  • 13. The importance of the question in the judgment of abilities and opinions via social comparison Jerry Suls, Rene Martin and Ladd Wheeler
  • 14. Consequences of automatic goal pursuit and the case of nonconscious mimicry Tanya L. Chartrand and Valerie E. Jefferis
  • 15. Implicit and explicit processes in social judgments: the role of goal-based explanations John McClure, Robbie M. Sutton and Denis J. Hilton
  • 16. Impact of ostracism on social judgments and decisions: explicit and implicit processes Kipling D. Williams, Trevor I. Case and Cassandra Govan
  • 17. To control or not to control stereotypes: separating the implicit and explicit process of perspective-taking and suppression Adam D. Galinsky, Paul V. Martorana and Gillian Ku
  • 18. Responding to the social world: attributions and stereotype-based judgments Lucy Johnston and Lynden Miles
  • 19. Implicit and explicit process in social judgment: deep and high Marilynn B. Brewer.

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