George Mandeville's husband The type-writer girl


George Mandeville's husband . The type-writer girl

C.E. Raimond . Olive Pratt Rayner (Grant Allen)

(Victorian and Edwardian anti-feminism, . Anti-feminism in the Victorian novel / edited and introduced by Ann Heilmann ; v. 6)

Thoemmes , Edition Synapse, 2004

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Reprint. Originally published (First work): London : William Heinemann, 1894

Reprint. Originally published (Second work): London : C. Arthur Pearson, 1897



The beginnings of the modern idea of "feminism" are usually traced to the publication of Mary Wollstonecraft's "Vindication of the Rights of Women" in 1792. Since then, women's emancipation has been a constantly debated and topical subject. This series entitled Victorian and Edwardian Anti-Feminism will present the other side of the debate - anti-feminism - more or less obviously through novels and other writings of the 19th and early 20th centuries. "Anti-Feminism in the Victorian Novel" is a collection of five rare novels depicting various aspects of the anti-feminist ideology that was making a strong stand against the increasingly widespread movement towards feminism and suffrage in late 19th-century Britain. These five novels have been chosen to illustrate five different concepts in the debate. The concept of women and the family is represented by Eliza Lynn Linton's "The Rebel of the Family" (1880); women and politics by Walter Besant's "The Revolt of Man" (1890); women in medicine by Arabella Kenealy's "Dr Janet of Harley Street" (1893); women in art by C.E. Raimond [Elizabeth Robins], "George Mandeville's Husband" (1894); and women and sex by Grant Allen, "The Type-Writer Girl" (1897). The set should be of interest to scholars of women's studies and 19th-century history.


Volumes 1, 2 and 3: Eliza Lynn Linton, "The Rebel of the Family" (1880) 302pp, 280pp, 288pp. Volume 4 Walter Besant, "The Revolt of Man" (1882) 358pp. Volume 5 Arabella Kenealy, "Dr Janet of Harley Street" (1893) 340pp. Volume 6 C.E. Raimond, "George Mandeville's Husband" (1894) 156pp Olive Pratt Rayner [Grant Allen], "The Type-Writer Girl" (1897) c. 260pp.

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