A declaration of interdependence : why America should join the world


A declaration of interdependence : why America should join the world

Will Hutton

W. W. Norton, 2003

1st American ed.

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Originally published: World we're in. London : Little, Brown, 2002

Includes bibliographical references (p. 295-307) and index


  • The reckoning
  • Custodians of the light
  • Waging war without blood : the collapse of American liberalism
  • Greed isn't good for you
  • To those who have shall be given
  • The globalization of conservatism
  • Britain in the American bear hug
  • Europe works
  • Siblings under the skin
  • Conclusion



"Americans, we Europeans need you back...not only in our interest, but in yours as well." Great societies, this book holds, are marked by essential core values: the social contract that enhances its citizens' lives; an honest and enlightened economy; a vital public realm; and a recognition that the world is an interdependent place, one best governed under international law. With the triumph of conservatism in America, each of these values has withered. Rampant materialism, corporate corruption, the failure of government regulation, an unquestioning faith in American exceptionalism, and a conviction that Americans must go it alone are all in the saddle. We are not going in the right direction. To turn us aroundto secure health services and decent work for all Americans, to build faith in the economy, to close the gap between rich and poor, to restore, in short, the American dreamAmerica needs to reclaim these values. It could not do better in that task than to renew its historic philosophical partnership with today's Europe, which has chosen a better compass.

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