International labor mobility : unemployment and increasing returns to scale


    • Basu, Bharati


International labor mobility : unemployment and increasing returns to scale

Bharati Basu

(Routledge studies in the modern world economy, 46)

Routledge, 2004

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Migration of workers within and across national boundaries is an important issue in an age of increasing levels of innovation and invention which economizes cost and helps large scale production. This book analyses the implications of migration for the levels of unemployment and distinguishes between unemployment which can be attributed to government policy and that which can be generated by a particular behavior of employers and workers. The discussion also includes the issue of foreign workers' effects on unemployment levels - a salient issue in today's climate. With impressive clarity and a scholarly approach, Bharati Basu succeeds in explaining and analysing and important yet complicated topic. This book will be of use to students, academics and professionals interested in labor economics, industrial studies and international business.


1. International Labor Mobility with Full Employment 2. International Labor Mobility with Exogenously Created Unemployment 3. International Labor Mobility with Endogenously Created Employment 4. Free Trade versus Free Labor Mobility with Increasing Returns and Unemployment 5. Labor Mobility and a Dual Economy: A Case of External Economies of Scale and Unemployment 6. Labor Migration in European Union Countries 7. An Empirical Overview Bibliography Appendices Notes Index

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