Educational resiliency : student, teacher, and school perspectives



Educational resiliency : student, teacher, and school perspectives

edited by Hersh C. Waxman, Yolanda N. Padrón, and Jon P. Gray

(Research in educational diversity and excellence)

Information Age Pub., c2004

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  • Introduction and overview / Hersh C. Waxman, Jon Gray, and Yolanda N. Padrón
  • Resilience : emerging social constructions in educational policy, research, and practice / Joel H. Brown
  • Promoting educational resilience for students at-risk of failure / Hersh C. Waxman, Jon P. Gray, and Yolanda N. Padrón
  • Resilience research and practice : National Resilience Resource Center bridging the gap / Kathy M. Marshall
  • A longitudinal look at the literacy development of children prenatally exposed to crack/cocaine / Diane Barone
  • Achieving success : an agentic model of resiliency / Ruth Silva and Judy Radigan
  • Mathematics learning environment differences between resilient, average, and nonresilient elementary students / Hui-Li Chang
  • The student-teacher axis : idiosyncratic credit and cutting the slack / Sue McGinty
  • The relations of teacher education students' resiliency, work motivation, and school-level resilience / Jon P. Gray
  • Presenting a resilience paradigm for teachers / Sybil Wolin
  • Developing resilient learning communities to close the achievement gap / Robert Stephen Topf, Virginia Frazier-Maiwald, and Martin L. Krovetz
  • Resilient communities : the interplay between community development and child development through effective school reform / Héctor H. Rivera
  • Promoting resiliency in youth, educators, and communities / Doris "Annie" Henry, Mike M. Milstein
  • Future directions for educational resiliency research / Hersh C. Waxman, Ann Brown, and Hui-Li Chang



Mission Statement: The mission of this series is to bring issues of diversity and educational risk to the forefront of national attention in order to assist the nation's diverse students at risk of educational failure to achieve academic excellence. This series will focus on critical issues in the education of linguistic and cultural minority students and those placed at risk by factors of race, poverty, and geographic location. Each volume will include empirical studies and syntheses of research that provide an integrated view of the emerging body of research within areas such as: (a) language learning and academic achievement, (b) professional development, (c) family, peers, schools, and communities, (d) instruction in context, and (e) integrated school reform. In order to inform scholars, practitioners, and policy makers, each volume will provide fundamental knowledge about effective programs and practices that affect students place at risk through linguistic, racial, economic, and geographic diversity. Some volumes will be written by one or two authors on a given aspect of educational diversity. Most, however, will be edited, thematic works with chapters written by several experts in various aspects of the volume's theme. This volume will contain conceptual articles, research syntheses, and research studies in the area of educational resiliency. Current resiliency research from the US Department of Education's National Research Centers (e.g., Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence. Center for Research on Students Placed at Risk) and Regional Laboratory's (e.g., Laboratory for Student Success) will be featured in this volume. The book will focus on promoting resiliency from the multi-level perspectives of students, teachers, and students.

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