Family welfare : gender, property, and inheritance since the seventeenth century


Family welfare : gender, property, and inheritance since the seventeenth century

edited by David R. Green and Alastair Owens

(Contributions in family studies, no. 18)

Praeger Publishers, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [269]-298) and index



The history of welfare provision has generally focused on the rise of the so-called welfare state and institutional provision for the poor. Recent studies have begun to look beyond the state to other ways in which assistance, care, and support were provided in the past, but the focus remains primarily on the poor. This work widens our understanding of welfare by focusing not on the poor but on those who have some wealth. It draws attention to the importance of family as part of a mixed economy of welfare provision that also incorporates the state, the market, and the voluntary sector. This book offers an exciting new approach to the history of welfare by focusing attention on the complex range of sources of support drawn on to meet family needs. The chapters highlight the significance of the family as a link in in the provision of assistance. They also focus on the role played by gender relations in shaping welfare strategies. An extensive introduction is followed by ten chapters presenting detailed studies of the provision of family welfare across western Europe and the United States over the past four hundred years.


List of Tables List of Appendices Preface Contributors Introduction: Family Welfare and the Welfare Family by David R. Green and Alastair Owens Land Transmission and Inheritance Practices in France during the Ancien Regime: Differences of Degree or Kind? by Gerard Beaur Emigration, Gender and Inheritance: A Case Study of the High Auvergne, 1700-1900, by Rose Duroux Headship Succession and Retirement in South Bohemia, 1640-1840, by Hermann Zeitlhofer Close Relatives and Useful Relatives: Welfare, Inheritance and the Use of Kinship in an Alpine Dynasty, 1650-1800, by Sandro Guzzi-Heeb Wealth, Gender, and Inheritance Amongst the U.S. Elite: The Rockefellers and Binghams by Marsha Shapiro Rose Family Networks and the Transmission of Assets: Managing the Property and Care of Orphans 18th-Century Amsterdam by Anne E. C. McCants Did Women Invent Life Insurance? Widows and the Demand for Financial Services in 18th-Century Germany by Eve Rosenhaft Women without Gender: Commerce, Exchange Codes and the Erosion of German Gender Guardianship, 1680-1830 by Robert Beachy Minors, Guardians, and Inheritance in Early 19th-Century Sweden: A Case of Gendered Property Rights by Ann Ighe Marriage and Economic Rights: Women, Men, and Property in Sweden during the First Half of the 20th Century by by Kirsti Niskanen Bibliography Index

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