Information structure : theoretical and empirical aspects


Information structure : theoretical and empirical aspects

edited by Anita Steube

(Language, context, and cognition, v. 1)

Walter de Gruyter, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references and index

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  • Degrees of contrast and the topic-focus articulation / Eva Hajičová and Petr Sgall
  • Information structure and modular grammar / Anita Steube, Kai Alter, and Andreas Späth
  • Negative descriptions of events / Andreas Späth and Martin Trautwein
  • Two types of contrastive topics? / Beáta Gyuris
  • Information structure : two-dimensionally explicated / Ingolf Max
  • Topic constraints in the German middlefield / Brigitta Haftka
  • Contrastive word stress in Vedic endo- and exocentric compounds / Rosemarie Lühr
  • Towards a scalar notion of information structural markedness / Thomas Weskott
  • Prosody in dialogues and single sentences / Claudia Hruska and Kai Alter
  • On the independence of information structural processing from prosody / Ulrike Toepel and Kai Alter
  • The prosodic pattern of contrastive accent in Russian / Grit Mehlhorn
  • Focus structure and the processing of word order variations in German / Britta Stolterfoht and Markus Bader
  • Intonational patterns in contrast and concession / Carla Umbach ... [et al]
  • Prosody in contrast / Dorothee Fehrmann



The first volume of the series is devoted to the subjects "information structure" and "contrast". The working hypothesis is that, apart from the use of lexical indication, the expression of contrast vs. correction is primarily carried by the intonation contour as a means for indicating scope and focus in negating constructions. The papers in this volume proceed from the premise that the information structure is preformed conceptually, and on articulation in the dynamic context is then portioned and linearized, mapped onto the syntactic representation via the semantic representation, and finally realized intonationally. The findings are partly based on neurolinguistic and psycholinguistic experiments.

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